Beautiful Blog Award

Candace at Believing in C-C is Me nominated me for a beautiful blog award!  Thanks, Candace!  I have to share 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 bloggers.  Y’all might know a couple of these already…
  1. I love singing, have been in choirs and choruses from elementary to graduate school, but have never sang karaoke or a solo longer than a couple of bars.  I would love to take voice lessons someday because I know I’m not using it to its fullest potential.
  2. I’m a chronic joint-cracker (fingers, neck, back)
  3. The first home I knew was a yacht.  My dad lived on it during his residency, my Mom moved in when they were married, and it was where I was brought home from the hospital.  We bought and renovated a house thatn12706388_30272074_9046 we moved into when I was a year and a half old, and it’s still not finished.     The yacht is still tethered to our dock, though it’s in a sad state of disrepair.
  4. I got a 1400 on my SATs, and at least one of my friends (maybe two?) got perfect 1600s.  We were (and still  pretty much are) a bunch of nerds.  In addition, some South Carolina schools have SAT Teams and go to competitions where they take watered-down SAT tests in competition-style.  I think this is to try to boost scores in the state?  Anyway, we were members of that team, and our school was state champion for multiple years.  I don’t know, but they still might be.
  5. I was a member of our high school dance team that only lasted about a year.  n12706388_30313009_619My senior year, they were holding auditions for a new dance team and my friends wanted to try out.  They dragged me to the auditions but I wasn’t too  serious about it.  I ended up being the only one to get in!  Until that point, I had lost 60-70lbs and continued to lose during the many hours of practice we attended each week.  That year, I was in the best shape of my entire life.  I’m pretty sure the team disbanded the next year.
  6. My Master’s thesis was about the health and social benefits of virtual communities and the steps healthcare organizations should take to develop communities for the benefit of their members.  At the time, I wasn’t really a part of any communities of my own, but now that I’m blogging and twittering in my own little community, I fully understand how on-the-money my thesis was.  Now, if only I could put it to good professional use….
  7. In high school, I took honors drama classes and served offices in our drama club for 3 years, including presidency.  I wish I had stuck with theater, because it was definitely a form of therapy for me. 
Reading back over those, I wonder what kind of person I’d be if I had stuck with numbers 1, 5, and 7.  The ladies I’m tagging* are:
  1. Jenny at Color Hungry
  2. Dori at Dori’s Shiny Blog
  3. Lily at Lily’s Health Pad
  4. Laura at 100in12
  5. Amanda at Food Exercise Express
  6. Nicci at Nifty Eats
  7. Chanelle at This Dancer’s Life
Mosey on over to these blogs and check them out!  They’re some amazing ladies!
*This is just for fun, and it won’t hurt my feelings at all if y’all don’t pass it along.  I used to use MySpace only for surveys like these, and now that I never use it, I felt a vanity void.  :)


  1. Interesting facts! I would die to be on some sort of dance team. If given the chance, I'd love to go back in time and try out for the cheerleading squad. Not sure why though, as I have no talent, and I definitely wouldn't make it!

    I made a 1420 on my SAT, which I think was the highest at my school that year. My name is supposed to be on a plaque somewhere around the school. I guess they don't see too many scores over 1200 where I'm from!

  2. Thanks for the nomination. I went ahead and just posted mine. BTW, great job on the SATs!! I sucked on mine however I am horrible test taker...gotten better over time...but i would freak myself out

  3. Congrats! Just found your blog. Come check me out!


  4. @Lily - It was the scariest, most exciting thing I've ever done! And look at you, little Miss Smartypants!! Nerds Unite!!!

    @Amanda - I've gotten more impatient in life...when I took the GRE which is administered via computer, and you're self-paced, I didn't do nearly as well as I had hoped. Partly because my heart wasn't in it, but partly because I got anxious and submitted before going back and checking like I've always been so anal-retentive about doing. Back in the day, I took the SAT several times and got good at pacing myself and outsmarting the test. :)

  5. Oh man, that SAT team denim shirt is awesome. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure SC doesn't do SAT competition anymore :( You know, I still have the page of The State with the color photo of you and I hugging after we found out we won State Champs. Was that TEN years ago? aaahhhh.


  6. @Erin - that makes me so sad!!! Gosh, I wonder if I have that picture somewhere? Please tell me you still have your shirts! I only had the honor of being on it that one year, and I always coveted y'all's "tough mustard" tees. :)

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