Bridal Showcase

This morning I woke up embarrassingly late yet again, probably because I was up embarrassingly late last night this morning, and after our power blinked off the other day, I never reset my alarm clock.  As I was looking at Twitter right before falling sleep, the Disney marathoners were waking up.  Hardcore, man!  By the way, I got so verklempt reading all the recaps today.  I don’t know if I’d ever be able to run even a half marathon, but if I do, I want to do it at Disney.

The big thing on the agenda today was attending a bridal show in Columbia with Catherine, another bridesmaid Justine, and Catherine’s friend Kristen.  I started off the day at home with a kick-ass omelette:


One egg, a couple of egg whites, onion, green and red bell peppers, and a sprinkling of cheddar cheese.  Awe-some.

At the bridal expo, we weren’t looking for anything in particular, but at the same time we wanted to look for everything.  Kristen had gone to this event last year before she got married, so she knew there were lots of killer catering and cake samples to choose from.  We picked up lots of good info, registered for some door prizes (which Catherine didn’t win) and other drawings (which we hope Catherine wins), and indeed had some good eats!

First off, I sampled some good ol’ Carolina shrimp and grits:


Then the girls had a few other things I passed on, including more shrimp and grits, pulled pork, and fried green tomato sandwiches.  We had a tiny chunk of strawberry cake with cream cheese icing that made me say very naughty things embarrassingly loud.  It was probably the best cake I’ve ever had, and I scarfed my sample in two bites without even stopping to take a picture.  Pretty much my favorite cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut, so I snatched one at a booth a little while later.


Every time I grabbed a freebie, be it a food or drink item or something else of relative value, I’d talk to the vendor or take a brochure or card, even if I didn’t care about what they were pushing.  I’m such a sap, I would’ve felt bad just grabbing freebies without showing interest in their goods or services!  Anyone else like that?  The next thing I had was some pretty damned strong champagne punch with either a carrot or spice cake petit four.


That petit four was insaaaayyyyyne, and the champagne punch was, as I said it, damned strong.  That one small cup of punch gave me a little buzz!  Finally the last thing I sampled was some white cake with strawberry icing.


It was nice and light, but you could tell they had just taken it out of a cooler – the strawberries were icy, and I HATE biting into icy things.  It makes my teeth itch.  The cake was pretty good, though!  All in all, I think Catherine got some good info, and we got some good samples!

For dinner, I had baked chicken and steamed green beans, with a side of Brooks.  Also, Mom made one of my favorite things tonight for herself and Dad, fried potato slices, so I sampled some. Embarrassed


I FINALLY got around to doing a Wii workout using the EA Active program.  This program is normally a butt-kicker, but tonight took it to a whole ‘nother level.  I haven’t really worked out since I’ve started on my endocrinologist’s diet, and I got my ass handed to me.


That’s my chubby avatar on the left, and Mom’s tall and slender one on the right.  Sigh.  So yeah, we did the short “Legs ‘n’ Lungs” sequence, and it KICKED MY ASS for 22 minutes.  Not only on a “my muscles are really weak” level, but on an “I am still taking in too few calories to be working out like this” level.  Aside from today’s out-of-the-ordinary Bridal Expo calories, I only take in 800-900 calories a day.  The Wii said I burned almost 200 doing this workout.  Yikes!  I kept feeling like I was going to faint, so I had to stop and put my head between my legs every so often. Stupid or not, I kept going, and I feel really good now!  I’d like to keep doing it, so hopefully I can report back tomorrow that I indeed have!

It’s already later than I’d hoped to go to bed tonight, so I’m signing off and passing out.  Night, guys!!


  1. I have always wanted to go to one of those bridal expo's. Especially after reading this post about the great samples they contain! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Hey I found a good recipe for Shrimp and Grits in Cook this, Not cook that book. I was actually thinking about trying it out in the next week or so.

  3. I love bridal expo's.

    Also Shrimp & Grits....sounds like a great combo!

  4. I really admire your will power at 900 calories a day. Your food pics are making me hallucinate right now! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


  5. Be careful with the low calorie diet thing. Anything under 1200 calories sends your body into starvation, making it both harder to lose weight and harder to keep it off in the long run. Better to lose it slow & steady than to lose quickly & gain back.

  6. @Lily - it was pretty informative, and I'm sure it'd be fun for someone who's actually getting married and in the early planning stages. I got a little tired, but I'm not normally good in that kind of situation, where you're on your feet, trying to schmooze, bumping into Bridezillas and their mothers. :D

    @Amanda - Duuude, give it a try! Lots of them have bacon or sausage, and those are usually the best recipes. Though if it's from that book, that one probably has neither. ;) Is that book actually good and helpful? I see that "eat this, not that" everywhere now, and usually if I see something becoming a fad, I'm instantly turned off. Though to be truthful I haven't even glanced at it!

    @Randi - Have you been to many? This was my was helpful in that there were lots of resources all in one place, but I found that mostly we were just picking up brochures (and snacks!). If you haven't tried shrimp and grits, you neeeeed to! Like I mentioned above, the best recipes have bacon and/or sausage, and usually have a kind of gravy sauce, so it's not just shrimp stuck in plain ol' grits. It's so good!

    @Secretia - Thanks, girlie! It's tough, but I'm also on a prescription appetite suppressant. Those samples pretty much made me hallucinate yesterday...they were to die for!!

    @Anonymous - You're so the tortoise said, "slow and steady wins the race." However, I'm under the care of my endocrinologist and am on meds, vitamins, and supplements, so I feel good about what I'm doing. Did y'all get any snow in the Upstate last week? We didn't get squat down here :(

  7. Kat-
    yeah latest one is the really good because tons of recipes to cook. The recipes are simple and they gave healthier alternatives to foods frm when you eat out. It is the cook this, not that.

  8. Kat, glad to hear you do have a doctor making sure you're okay on this low calorie diet! Too many people screw up their health by doing it on their own.

    There wasn't snow in the upstate ;) At least not where I am!


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