HTML headache

Hi, guys!  My day has been soooo boring – I’ve spent the whole day on my ass, making changes to the blog.  After messing with HTML and CSS all day, my eyes are crossed and my head is throbbing.  I’m disappointed it took as long as it did, because I was supposed to do some heavy furniture moving today in my bedroom.  However, it’s probably good that I took the day off, because my arms and back are SCREAMING at me from yesterday’s demolition work

As far as the blog goes, you’ll notice I added tabs with an “about me” section, a section outlining my history with weight loss and gain, and a section where I’ll link to recipes I’ve posted.  They’re still a work in progress, so bear with me!  Plus, changing the layout kinda mucked up the formatting in my posts, so text and pictures aren’t getting along like they should.  I really like how everything is arranged now, so despite the formatting issues, I’m happy!
For lunch, I made one of my new staples – a “buffalo” ranch chicken salad.


For dinner, I had sautéed green beans, baked chicken, and steamed cabbage.


As well as not getting off my butt all day, I also don’t think I drank any water.  I bought a gallon of diet sweet tea (made with Splenda) yesterday to take to the lakehouse, and I brought the rest home for myself.  Aaaand I pretty much drank the rest today, along with some Coke Zero.  I like having non-water drinks in the house, but when I do, I favor them over water.  So once these are gone, I won’t be buying anymore for awhile.  Though I did get some flavored seltzer last night, so I’m excited to try that!

I know this post totally sucked, but I wanted to check in and address the blog changes for those of you who read via feed delivery.

And just to further commit ourselves to it and hopefully pique some interest, Jenny from Color Hungry and I have got something interesting and thought-provoking on the horizon!  I can’t wait to get it started!


  1. I love Coke Zero!! The diet ice teas is yummy too! Anyway, sometimes change can be good and needed. Good luck on working on your blog...I have been too lazy to change mine. However wordpress makes it very simple and dont have to worry about coding. Thank God since I don't know that much about it

  2. Kat, I just finished licking my monitor to taste your food dishes, they look so good!

    I hate html, I can't get it right.

  3. @Amanda - Coke Zero is my CRACK. I'm not a fan of how it makes me feel after I've drank an entire liter of it, but GAAAH it just tastes so good!

    Blogger has themes you can choose from, but they're all so basic and boring, and none of them have 3-column layouts. So I went and found one from a site that provides free templates, and I tweaked it a bit. That's why I never moved over to wordpress - I don't think you can do all the coding and stuff on the free version like you can in Blogger

    @Secretia - Thanks!! HTML and CSS are headaches, and when they go wrong, it's SUCH a pain in the ass. But when they go right, it's a great feeling!


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