Room makeover and a thumb-sucking bird

First off, mad props to my own damn self for figuring out my blog paragraph spacing issues.  I spent a couple few hours tonight messing with it and finally got it fixed.  Heck.  Yes. 

Secondly, I promised y’all a little something…

Bedroom Before and After

So here’s what my bedroom looked like on Sunday (I’m sorry for that hellaciously blue color under the chair rail…if I could go back in time and smack my 16-year-old self in the jaw for choosing it, I would):

These were taken from my door.  And the fuchsia rectangles are covering clutter crime scene evidence I’m legally bound to hide.  You can see how I had my bed shoved in the corner, taking up lots of valuable wall space.  As a result, I had several furniture pieces all shoved together on one wall.  (The thing in the corner covered in shit is an L-shaped computer desk.  I ain’t touchin’ that.)

And here’s the shot of the door:
Complete with crappy particleboard drawers next to the door, left over from my apartment, and loootttts of crap outside the door that used to belong in my apartment.  Sigh.  Oooh, see the tall lamp next to the door?  That’s the one I fixed alll by myself.  It’s sad how proud I am.  But overall, the room looks sorry, half-assed, gross, cluttered…just nasty.

So here are my “after” shots (and there’s still sooo much clutter, but I’m slowly working away at it):

Bed is now centered along the wall where all the furniture used to be shoved in one solid row.DSC02051
Lingerie chest and TV are now in the corner; desk is next to it with my laptop and printer set up.
The dresser just got moved down a little bit to make some more room for the desk and birdcage on that wall.  The crappy particleboard drawers are next to the door.
And this craptastic image was taken yesterday to show where my closet is, before it occurred to me to make it look semi-tidy.  I’ll be getting rid of those boxes on the wall, and I’d like to get a headboard or make my own, but I’ve got too much on my plate now.  One thing is for certain, I’ve got a really cool wall decor project on the horizon that I’m determined to finish.
Also, my bed has always had those plastic bed lifts under each foot.  However, it’s a queen-sized bed, and there’s a 5th foot in the middle of the bed.  Those bed lifts come in packs of 4.  We’re southern (read: classy), so years ago to support that 5th foot, we jerry-rigged a “bed lift” out of a couple of bricks that kept getting knocked out of place.  So as part of the room makeover, I got another set of bed lifts so I could have a proper 5th lift.  The problem was, I had already put the box spring and mattress back on, and the sheer weight of both kept me from lifting the bed enough to put the lift under it by myself.  So what does a classy southern broad do?  She goes and fetches her dad’s 12-ton-rated pneumatic bottle jack and jacks the damn bed up. 

Man, I wish I had taken a picture of that.  In all seriousness, I can’t believe how much better I slept last night since the middle of the bed was strongly supported and not sagging. And since I had these FRIGGIN’ AWESOME NEW FLANNEL SHEETS from Target - $10 for the set because it was a “holiday” item on clearance (the polka dots are green, blue, brown, and red).  They’re the fuzziest, fluffiest flannel sheets ever.  And I’m in love.
Yeah, those are my teddy bears.  Gregory and Claudia are lovers.

The room feels like my little sanctuary now, whereas before it just wasn’t comfortable.  Stuff was just shoved in here, there wasn’t any order or organization to it, and now it feels like it has purpose.  There’s still SO much clutter and stuff to get rid of, find places for, but it all makes some sense now.


Dinner was quick and easy tonight.  I wasn’t much in the mood for food today (WTF???) so I had diet shakes all day.  I ate dinner relatively early since I started feeling the pangs – I had frozen steamed broccoli and some rotisserie chicken from the grocery.  Boring?  Yes.  Quick?  Yes.  Tasty?  Yes.  Works for me!
And to top off this crazy post with some cuteness, here’s Morgan doing that “thumb-sucking” behavior I talked about in my earlier post.  You know how kids have some comforting motion they do when they get sleepy?  Some kids suck their thumbs, some kids twirl their hair, and my bird puts her little left foot up next to her face and very slowly kind of combs her feathers and scratches her head and face.

Getting sleeeeepy…
Foot goes on top of the head…she just stands like that for awhile and gently clenches and unclenches her foot…
…slooowly scratching the side of her face…
…reaching the very tippy-top of her head…
…and she moves to the beak.
Pardon, but I think that’s friggin’ cute.  (Jenny, I hope you enjoyed!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday and is ready for Hump Day!!


  1. I wanna be best friends with your bird. that is all. :D

  2. Thanks, guys! She's so sweet!

  3. Love the changes to your room-awesome-there is nothing like new sheets either-so nice.

  4. That is a busy bedroom! That broccoli looks good, and guilt-free too!

  5. ahhh that bird is awesome. i had 3 parakeets when i was little. now i kind of miss birds. i feel like they wouldn't last long with my two cats though... :-/

  6. @Candace - I'm so much more productive now that I have a comfortable's so weird how stifling it used to be, even though I had more floor space. Maybe feng shui isn't as quacky as I thought!

    @Secretia - Busy but purposeful! All my furniture is being put to better use now!

    @SweetTater - I used to have parakeets when I was little, too! And in my house now, there are three dogs and two cats, and my bird will put the smack-down on any of them that walk near her cage. Though they mostly don't even notice her!


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