Sprung a leek

Hi all!  Did you guys see my last post about my RSS feed?  It looks like both of these feeds will work:
So as long as your Google Reader has one of those, You're good.  If it doesn't, add one, por favor!  Confused?  So am I. 

Today's excitement came in the form of finding a pair of ski pants for my mini ski trip next weekend!  This was a pretty big deal for me.  Deidra and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods last week but their inventory had been all but depleted.  I checked several places online, Dick's included, but none of the size charts went high enough for me (and I wear an 18/20 in pants...that's not that much bigger than normal, is it??).  I was ready to give up, but I tried a local store in Columbia and FOUND A PAIR THAT FIT!  And they're women's! I didn't even have to get dude-sized ones!

After I left there, I went to Earth Fare to get something interesting for dinner.  I always like getting some kind of little "treat," so I got a bottle of diet cola that wasn't that great...


...and felt semi-paranoid swigging from a brown glass bottle while flying down the interstate.  When I got home and put groceries away, I dug into my chicken Caesar salad I got from Earth Fare for lunch.


Then I got started on a complete overhaul of my bedroom.  I took some "before" pictures, but they're soooo embarrassing, I doubt they'll see the light of...blog.

That "something interesting for dinner" was the following, crudely photographed with an icky flash.  I swear, my camera is dying...


 baked butternut squash strips with cinnamon (they were originally supposed to be fries, but I got impatient), sautéed onions, mushrooms, and leeks with copious amounts of garlic, and a spinach-and-feta-stuffed chicken breast from Earth Fare (which I only ate half of - lunch tomorrow is already taken care of!).  I had never had leeks before, so I went with a safe method of preparation.  I had heard they have an oniony taste, so this "training wheel" method of preparation worked well for my first time!  I'd definitely try them again!

I've had a really "off" day today...there's just something wrong, and I can't shake that funk.  Not eating- or weight-centered, necessarily, but just a dark cloud of irritation and...just...crap.  I'm going to be turning in early tonight and hope to sleep it off, especially because I've got a crap-ton of stuff to get accomplished tomorrow!  What do you do when you can't shake off the funk?


  1. Hope you get out of your funk-your supper looked yummy~

  2. you should post your before pictures on your makeover rooms- or at least keep them for yourself-a redo is sooo much more satisfying when you can look back and see what a difference you've made- I know this because i have failed to do this at times and regretted it. Good luck with it..

  3. Dinner looks super yummy!!! Also for the funk...I would suggest getting outside for a walk if the weather premits. Also increase your exercise do you can get some of those endorphines!!


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