Chili’s is the new golf course

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had (and are continuing to have) a fabulous weekend!

Yesterday Mom and I kicked off my birthday festivities by going to hang out with my grandmother for the day!


She’s so awesome. We had some errands to run while we were there, and while we were out and about, we went to Chili’s for lunch (“’Chili's is the new golf course. It's where business happens.’ Small Businessman Magazine.”). I was really jonesing for a margarita on the rocks, but I resisted. Woo! I had the Monterey chicken – complete with cheese and bacon on top. Best choice on the menu? Nope. Better than the deep-fried dishes that my dates chose? Most probably.


I got double broccoli instead of the mashed potatoes it came with. Also, because TODAY’S MY BIRTHDAY, we all split dessert – chocolate chip Paradise pie. My grandmother offered to hold the plate for me while I licked it clean, but I’m trying to soften my image a bit, so I turned her down.


It’s definitely weird to be more in tune with my body now…years or even months ago, I would’ve eaten all this without batting an eye and kept eating the rest of the day without issue. However, I didn’t even need to eat dinner last night, I was still so (uncomfortably) full all evening long.

Today I’ll be doing something birthday-ish, but I don’t know what yet. I was going to drag Mom to see Avatar in 3D again and have been okay with those plans for the past couple of days, but suddenly this morning I had a change of heart. I’ve been sitting here catching up on Google Reader for the past…3 hours – holy crap – so I really need to get up and move and do something fun/productive/worthwhile, but I’m a little depressed (WHY is that a theme with me lately?!?! Arrrgh!!!) The older I get, the more sad I get on my birthday. I think if I were at another place in my life, I’d be super happy to celebrate, but I feel almost guilty and undeserving of a celebration these days. Oh god, that sounds terrible, and I’m starting with the “what if” and “could’ve” talk again, and I want to slap myself, so I’m just going to stop.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do on your birthday or a perfect day off? Shopping? Movie? Crafting? Booze-a-thon with your BFFs?