Gymrat in the making

I’m headed to bed soon – I’ve been visited by the Exhaustion Fairy, and that bitch punched me in the gut and pulled my pigtails.  But first, I wanted to brag on myself:
Pay no attention to that weekly goal thing…my “week” of taking things seriously started halfway through.  Rachel and I went to the Y and did the elliptical, then I jumped on a rowing machine for a few minutes (the other one was taken, so Rachel tried some stupid machine that didn’t do much for her, so we both moved on), and then we did the upright bikes hard ‘n’ heavy (har) for 10 min before tackling the weight machines

I need to remember to bring a notebook in the weight room next time so I’ll know how much weight to use (I’m not 100% certain about the weights on those two press machines), and I need to schedule a session with a trainer to show me the height settings for each one.  They got all-new equipment in December during my fitness hiatus, and I have no clue what settings to use anymore.  I had just gotten comfortable with the old ones!  Also, I need heavier dumbbells.  Those 5-pounders didn’t do much for me.

I look forward to going to the gym with Rachel because I’m actually doing well at it so far, and I get to hang out with one of my BFFs, and what’s even better – two of our other friends are joining the Y in the next week!  One of whom I’ve known since I was 5!  I can’t imagine how much fun it’ll be to have all four of us working out together – it’ll really motivate me to get there and have fun with it!

About me posting my first Society Series post tonight – that ain’t happening.  Sorry, y’all, but I’m PTFOing.  Night, guys!


  1. Good job going to the gym Kat! Go you! Now make it a habit. ;)

  2. Great Job at the gym-you are doing so awesome.

  3. i love the spark tracking :) and i love that it uses weekly goals so that if i want to slack one day, i can make it up the next.

    you are doing a GREAT job staying on track! i want a gym buddy or two!

  4. that workout plan looks amazing! way to goooooo!

  5. I love, love, love working out. it's soooo amazing.

    Keep it up & be sure to let us know

  6. You are doing well in the gym. I see you becoming very fit and trim, and strong!


  7. Congrats, gym rat!! Love seeing someone else using Spark....isn't it GREAT?? What an awesome free tool. Anyhow, congrats again!

  8. @Mary - I'm working on it!!

    @Candace - Thanks! I've just gotta keep it up!

    @Amanda - Thank you!

    @Heather - I've fallen off the wagon the past couple of days with tracking on Spark. For some reason, the weekend always throws me off, even if I stay on track; I'm just not good at tracking or blogging on the weekends. I'm hoping when my other friends join our Y, it'll be that much easier for me to get my butt there!

    @Kelsey - Thank you!

    @Laura - I'm getting to love it! I went on Saturday morning when all I wanted to do was crawl back under the covers. I knew I needed the endorphins, and lo and behold, it worked - I felt better!

    @Secretia - Thanks! That's my goal!

    @Fallon - I need to get in a better habit of "Sparking." If you want to add me as a friend, my username is LOWFATKAT. Thanks for the congrats!!


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