I’m Lost

I just watched the premiere of Lost and will most likely be re-watching it again soon.  I tried doing some “mindless” activities while I watched – it just can’t be done.  I miss key points, I lose track of what’s going on…when Lost is on, I need to sit with my nose to the screen and not budge.  Having said that, I’m so glad it’s back, and I’m looking forward to some answers finally as this final season wraps up (not that I’m in any hurry for it to end!)!.

Yesterday I was delighted to sign for this…


…even if I had to face my poor mail carrier in my PJ pants and a wifebeater.  At 1pm.  No shame.

Jaime from Embracing Balance and I did a cross-border exchange (see what I sent her!) and I got some flippin’ awesome goodies all the way from Nova Scotia!

My loot was contained in this sweet tote bag (can I be inducted into the Lululemon club now that I own something with their logo?):

DSC02195 DSC02194

And here’s the awesomeness contained within…

  • Smarties candy-coated chocolate…same concept as M&Ms, but oh so different
  • Peppermint-spiked dark chocolate – I split this with my mom last night while we watched Meet the Fockers.  The chocolate was amaaaazing.  I love nibbling at dark chocolate, and the peppermintyness made it soooo good.
  • Cute Canadian tissues!  I’ve got a couple of packs of this brand from weddings and parties, but they’re so cute I don’t want to use them!  I’m DEFINITELY not wiping my nose with these!
  • Authentic, real deal, no tricks here, pure Nova Scotia maple syrup.  I see some pancakes in my future.
  • Some black tea I have yet to try; I’m definitely a fan of black tea, though, so I know I’ll like it!
  • Ketchup potato chips.  Holy crap these are awesome!  They taste similar to salt and vinegar chips, but they’ve got a little extra tang to them.  Unlike the chocolate, I’m able to pace myself with these, so I’ve got about 2/3 a bag left (and yes, I’m sharing!) [Sidenote – the bag popped in transit and spilled a few chip crumbs in my little bag, and I ate every last crumb.  Germs and contamination be damned, they’re that good.]
  • A sweet little calendar filled with lovely images from Nova Scotia!
Jaime, thank you so much for doing this exchange with me!  I really appreciate all the local goodies you shared!

Tonight I tried a pulled pork recipe that Mary Clare was so sweet to send me after reading my crock pot pulled chicken post.  It would’ve been perfect had I paid 100% attention to the instructions, but my roast was like 50% bigger than the recipe called for, so it didn’t shred like I had hoped it would by dinnertime.


I used my Sticky Fingers Carolina Sweet BBQ sauce on top and had green beans and some fake cole slaw on the side (cabbage + dollop of mayo + dollop of sour cream + cider vinegar + squirt of mustard + Splenda + pepper).  I thought I was only using a little bit of mayo and sour cream, but it turns out I would’ve been fine with 1/3 the amount I used.  I had a recipe for the slaw in mind, but it would’ve taken longer than I had, so I threw this together at the last minute.   After dinner, I kept the rest of the roast in the crockpot for a couple of hours, and it turned out PERFECTLY.  I have a feeling I’ll be using this for several meals to come.

Alright, I’m waaaay past loopy with tiredness, and I’m dreading my weigh-in tomorrow morning.  I haven’t been doing so hot lately.  Oh, and that goal checkup I posted the other night?  Not doing great in that regard either.  Sigh.  How can I be unemployed and still so busy as to let stuff like exercise slip?  I’m such a headcase.

So, wrapping this up, if you were sending a care package to someone from another country or distant state, what local goodies would you put in it?  Does your region have any weirdly unique items that make “foreigners” cringe?


  1. Just noticed the new header, nice!

    You'd better not be posting LOST spoilers in the months to come, btw. ;-)

    I've been to Canada a few times, and I had forgotten about those ketchup chips. I LOVE those things!!

  2. Oh yay! That's so fun! I forget that you don't have ketchup chips! Glad you are getting a little taste of Canada AND Nova Scotia! :-)

  3. Those ketchup chips are dangerous! Jaime sent me a bag when we did our exchange and they disappeared quite quickly! Aren't these little packages fun?

    As for LOST, I am completely obsessed. And I agree, that show requires full attention. :) Best wishes!

  4. You don't have these chips in the US? I like the flavor All Dress from Old Dutch. They have so much flavors.

    I like your new header. It's beautiful :)

    It's fun to swap things. I've done a few and I got things that we don't have here. I got M&M and they don't taste the same as ours in Canada. They're better. And the peanut butter M&M are so delicious.

  5. You don't have these chips in the US? I like the flavor All Dress from Old Dutch. They have so much flavors.

    I like your new header. It's beautiful :)

    It's fun to swap things. I've done a few and I got things that we don't have here. I got M&M and they don't taste the same as ours in Canada. They're better. And the peanut butter M&M are so delicious.

  6. Yay! Glad you liked the loot! Ketchup chips are always a winner...I don't understand why some US chip company hasn't picked up on those. They were my fave as a little kid. :)

  7. Mmmmm your crockpot dinner looked delicious!

  8. Ah Kat we'll have to do one of those exchanges sometime-so much fun.

  9. Fantastic stuff. My friend from Canada just sent me my Ketchup Chips supply for the year ...Im waiting for them in the mail..... yummy.. Im a Canadian living in Georgia now...

  10. @Lily - Thanks!! Though I'll have to change it again in about a week..haha! I'm trying to think of something springy for the next one. I'd love to be like Dooce (dooce.com) and change it by the month! Don't worry, I don't understand Lost enough to even DARE try to discuss it here. My Lost-related text will be limited to "OMG WTF" ;)

    @Angie - They're terrific! Though I was surprised at how much it tasted like the salt and vinegar variety!

    @Elizabeth - It's almost mean to send us those little bags when we can't get anymore in the US!! Sadly for my wallet, I'm a little too eager to visit the post office these days. I've been to the PO more times in the past 2 months than I have in the past 5 years thanks to blogging! And yeah, I'm going to have to re-watch all the Lost seasons when this one's over. If I ever want a shred of hope at *getting* it all, I'll have to give it my undivided attention, one episode after another.

    @scorpiowoman - I'd heard of ketchup-flavored chips, but hadn't seen them anywhere. I don't know if that means the US has *none* or if there just aren't any around here. My faaaavorite chips are Dirty chips (www.dirtys.com)- the pesto and parmesan is CRAZY AWESOME. Thanks for the compliment about the header! Those were some Valentine sugar cookies I made last year and might have to replicate this year. Gaaah peanut butter M&Ms is such a trigger food for me. If there's a 1-lb bag around, I could eat the whole thing. And in my past life, I did once.

    @Jamie - I agree!! If for no other reason than the novelty of having ketchup-flavored chips, some US company should've picked up on this by now!

    @Amanda - I just realized I never responded to your tweet about the pork last night! Sorry - I hate leaving tweets unanswered! I'll slap some pulled pork in a box and mail it to you posthaste. ;)

    @Candace - YES!!! I'd love to!

    @WWWannabe - A YEAR'S SUPPLY??? For me, that'd be an 18-wheeler-full. Since Georgia and SC share a border, I'm coming over to help you eat your chips. :D

  11. It could be great to swap chips. I went on the site of the chips and I'm sure they're yummy. The parmesan flavor and funky fusion yum. You mean that any brand, you can't get ketchup flavor? You know that in Quebec we have poutine (french fries, cheese curds and gravy)? Well we have poutine chips. It's really good. But sometimes they're hard to find. I could try to find a small bag for you if we swap.

  12. @Scorpiowoman - I'd love to swap chips - maybe let's wait a little while, because I'm hitting a weight loss plateau right now and I don't want to derail myself before I start getting back on track. :(


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