NSV: Bridesmaid dress

(NSV = non-scale victory)

On August 11, 2007, my friends Deidra and Arthur got married, and I was honored to be a bridesmaid in the wedding! I remember crash dieting beforehand to fit into my size 20 dress, and even then it was a really tight fit.

I’m really sucking it in in this picture, hence my boobs crushing my throat. I’m trying to point out that I’m an inverse of the chairs, but the dress was so tight, you can barely see my sash because my fat rolls were trying to eat it. (Sidenote: I NEVER go without sleeves – it pains me to share these pictures)


See how the waist is SUPPOSED to look on the other gals versus how it looks on me? (More on my big-as-Texas hair in a sec)


Just UGH.


So why bring it up now? I was cleaning out my closet of all my fat clothes, and I decided to try the dress on (with no makeup – brace yourselves)…

DSC02820 DSC02821

I’m the smallest I’ve been in 2.5 years! It’s not photographing well, but the dress is loose now! Now, about those arms… Crying

Oh – my Texas hair!! At the time, my hair was this short:


(I guess I’m telling a very animated story about boobs to another ‘maid while I should’ve been paying attention during the rehearsal.) The hairstylist didn’t have much to work with (short + fine = not a good combo for an updo), so she curled, pinned, and sprayed the bejezus out of it:

100_0214 100_0216 100_0394

And it stayed up even after the pins came out


A pretty cool miracle, right?

PS - I've lost 60lbs since my highest weight and have 60lbs more until I reach my goal - officially halfway there!!!


  1. Isn't it a great achievement! I have a size 32 jeans in the closet I am hoping to fit into some day! I am size 40 right now.

    By the way I loved the cute curls hairstyle.

  2. Wooooooohoooooo! That dress is definitely big on you now, well done!
    And another wooooohooooo for getting to half way in your weight loss! 60lb is amazing - keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Woohoo!! Great job. Why do brides pick out the worst dresses ever? I didn't do that to my bridesmaids. I let them pick out their dress (but I had to make sure I liked it). I was a maid of honor once and let me just say it was the worst dress I ever had to wear. UGH!!

    Congrats on the success. And honestly-you looked beautiful then and are now.

  4. wow !! Isn't that a great feeling to have that dress loose on you?!! Way to go on the weight loss.

  5. congratulations! 60 pounds is a major accomplishment.

  6. Wow, great job!! You look great!

  7. Hooray!!!

    You can definitely tell the dress is big now, look at the sash, it's hanging!

    Personally I think you looked cute in your dress.

    Yay you are halfway there, 60 lbs lost is sooo amazing.

  8. I am SO PROUD OF YOU! you are doing a great job.

    I too am half way to my goal weight :) I am SURE we are both going to get there!

    I love NSVs! :) xoxoxo HOORAY for you, my dear dear friend!

  9. You are too cute-and awesome-I will have to post a pic of me standing in a friends wedding-horrible-my arm is as big are her leg.yuck~

  10. Hey Kat, First I want to say you looked beautiful to me. Even though I do not say it a lot I am truly proud of your weight loss accomplishments. It is very refreshing to see you gain the confidence that matches the person you are. I don't stop by the blog often but I am gald this is one post I read. It seems you have gained a close network of friends to help you along your journey. Congrats girl on making it half way! Love, Deidra

  11. @CJ - It is...sometimes when I put on my uniform every morning (aka yoga pants), I can't tell a huge difference because I'm wearing the same ones I was a few months ago. A structured dress like this or jeans are a HUGE measurable success! You WILL fit in those jeans someday, and that someday will come before you know it! Thanks for the compliment...my hair was definitely crunchy with spray :D

    @Beth - Thanks, girl!!

    @Sarah - Haha, I liked the one that Deidra picked...the hem hit me in a weird place because I've got short little stubby legs, but it was comfortable...at least it should've been, if I didn't need a shoehorn and 2 pairs of spanx to get into it! I just picked out my own dress for my BFF's wedding in October and I'm IN LOVE WITH IT!!! Thank you for the kind words...you're so sweet!!

    @everyone - I'm just gonna lump in a big ol THANK YOU for the kind words! I had a crappy day, so it was nice to get some nice compliments during the day!

    @Candace - my arms have always been my most-hated feature, and I have no clue how to make them not flabby. I have this stupid roll/crease in one of them that never went away, even when I was thin. I'm hoping if I start weight-training now, it'll help.

    @Deidra - aww, I choked up reading that...thank you for reading and commenting!! I was truly honored to be a part of your wedding, so I'm glad you saw this post! I have gained a lot of blogger friends! They're a pretty awesome group! I miss you...let's hang out soon! :(

  12. I am so proud of you! You are doing fabulously!!! You've lost 60 pounds, you are halfway to your goal, and you didn't fit into a dress in your closet because you are too tiny! You are my hero...

  13. @Layla - No, YOU'RE MY hero! Let's go shopping in Charleston when you come home!!! :D


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