I can hardly contain myself – we got about 6” of snow here last night!  The airport (about 30 min away) got 8.5” – this is the 5th highest snowfall in recorded history for Columbia, SC!  I’m a freak when it comes to snow…it is ALWAYS welcome when I’m around, so I’m a pretty happy camper at the moment!


It started around 3:30pm as teeny tiny little icy flakes – no actual flakes were seen this snowfall.  Sad


Then the tiny ice shards started clumping together



…and pretty soon, it was coming down hard!




We still have our Christmas tree on our deck (long story), so we decided to pull it out in the open so it could get some snow.



Maddy was starting to get excited! (this was about 4:30pm)


Sophie is camera-shy.


Here we are at 5pm


And an hour later, around 6:15




And here’s the snow at 8pm!!


3.5 inches!


We ate dinner in there somewhere – the dill/horseradish/panko-crusted salmon we tried last week, and one of my favorite concoctions – squash simmered in consommé or broth, then topped with sour cream and parmesan and baked.  Oh, and there was wine.  A few glasses…


…and then a little sliver of cheesecake.  I’ve been doing well with my “no sugar” rules, so I’m (semi-) happy to report that the cheesecake gave me a sore throat!


This was a little over 5.5” a bit after midnight. We waited until after the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics to take the dogs out.


I put Maddy on her retractable leash so she’d have some slack (i.e., not knock my tipsy ass down)


(that’s our driveway!)


Obligatory snow angel.


I made a snow-Jabba (it was too powdery to form into balls).


And I totally wiped out when walking from the road to the yard.  But I stayed down.  And wallowed in the snow. Literally.  Don’t worry – I got back up! (In my Christmas PJs.  Don’t hate.)



And it’s still gorgeous as ever this morning, even though it’s starting to melt away



And since I love you guys, I’m letting you hear my uber-annoying voice.  Gah, do I really sound like this in real life?  Crying At least you know I say things in real life like I do on the blog – crude jokes and sartorial mistakes and all.


  1. I'll have you know that I said "thatswhatshesaid" OUT LOUD right as you said it in the video :P

  2. Ahhh! I can't believe SC got snow. This is like the winter from Hell. Only worse. Because hell's hot. This is not.

  3. haha-me & Cole do the thats what she said thing all the time-too funny. Wish I were excited with snow-I'm originally from Newfoundland so I've had me fair share of snow-still like it sometimes though~

  4. You can have all of our snow if you want it!!! I am SO over it.

  5. It snowed hard in Charleston too. It snowed all the way down 26 on Friday evening. I'm not a fan of snow, but this was pretty unbelieveable!

  6. So pretty! Here we are trying to host the Olympics in the RAIN. Funny how the weather works sometimes!

  7. @Erin - YESSS!!! That's awesome :)

    @Abby - We typically get 1-2 good snowfalls a year, but only a few inches at a time. This is the most we've had in awhile!!

    @Candace - As a feminist, I almost feel guilty saying "that's what she said," but it's so damned funny! I guess with snow, it's like someone from the plains getting excited over the beach, and someone from the beach getting annoyed with the prairie folk who hardly see it. I don't care how stupid everyone thinks I am, I friggin' love snow :D

    @Christie - SEND IT HERE!!!

    @Lily - It was so weird to see my friends' and family's snow pics from Charleston and Myrtle beach! It was all so pretty!

    @Ali - I know! It's so weird!!

  8. I am glad you got some of that snow. Amazing to me all the places in the country that have gotten hit with snow. BTW, your meal looked super good.

  9. WOW! Have a nice snow time!! Happy Val's Day too!

  10. @Amanda - I'm glad, too! There was still a lot on the ground on Sunday! I usually love rain, but it's on my naughty list at the moment because it washed away the rest of it today. :(

    @CJ - Thanks! I did have fun in the snow! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, too! :D

  11. Cool! Fresh snow is the best!
    If you have anywhere around you to rent some cross country skiis I highly recommend going for it, it's SO MUCH FUN!

  12. @Freak4Fitness - It only lasted over the weekend...the snow's all gone now! :(

  13. OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. the "that's what she said" KILLED me. love it.

  14. @100in12 - My job here is done. :D


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