Blogging from the Blackberry in the Bluegrass State

Hey everyone! I'm in Kentucky at my great-aunt's house until Sunday and wanted y'all to know I haven't completely fallen off the face of the earth!

I'm a teensy nervous about my eating arrangements while I'm here; my aunt works for an amazing chocolate company and I always spend lots of time and money at her store when I'm here. Lord, beer me strength to show some restraint around chocolate. People are expecting me to bring some home for them, so I can't exactly eat the entire inventory. That'd be rude.

Already tonight I had pizza and wine. Didn't go *overboard* on either, but they weren't the greatest menu choices in the first place. However, I was kinda stuck since the family was ordering pizza and the decisions weren't up to me. Wait...I could've chosen something besides wine to drink - that one WAS my fault. I need to keep remindng myself that just because I drove over 8 hours today, it does not give me the right to go crazy. I can make sensible choices on "vacation."

I got an iPod Touch yesterday and downloaded a Couch-to-5K app. It's the first step in starting the program again. Why am I so hesitant? I'm scared out of my mind that the shin splints will come back. I was so angry that I was robbed of reaching my goal the first time. Why have lots of other people finished without incident and I could barely walk without crying? I've been stretching and strengthening my calves, but I'm worried it's not enough; I won't know until I've tried, though, and I can't keep running (har!) from my fears. I've brought my running shoes, so I'd like to say I did *something* active while on vacation!

(Side note - I didn't bring the laptop because I knew it'd weigh me down and I probably wouldn't be able to get online much, if at all. Well, I didn't realize my nifty new iPod Touch can't be charged with all the other iPod power accessories I already have for all my other iPod products and stupidly brought along without testing. OF COURSE the only way to charge it is via USB! Now I hope I can find an AC adapter in the morning at Target or Best Buy and that I won't get financially raped in the process. Grr.)

This blob of boring unformatted text has gone on long enough. Goodnight, everyone!

Oh, by the way, for those of you attending Fitbloggin this weekend, I'm SO JEALOUS, and I will be stalking your every tweet! Please tweet lots of pics so a small part of me can feel like I'm there!