Holy third wheel, Batman!

I kid, I kid. I went to dinner tonight with two very dear people – my friend of many years, Richard, and his sweet fiancée, Lisa.

Richard and Lisa

Because they’re both such awesome people, I didn’t feel like a third wheel at all! Though it would’ve been nice to have a date.

I tweeted earlier that I almost miss having only 3 outfits that fit. It took me over an hour to get ready tonight, thanks in part to my indecision about what to wear! I pulled like 40% of the stuff in my closet out to try on and even opened up a box of skinny clothes I had taped shut months ago. I’ll probably end up taping it back because I’m still not there yet, but I officially have a size 14 dress I can fit into, and another size 14 dress that I can fasten but can’t breathe in. Breathing’s overrated anyway, right?

Back to our regularly scheduled topic.... Tonight, we went to my new favorite place, Gervais & Vine – yes, the same place Mom and I went exactly a week ago. This was Richard and Lisa’s first time going! Lisa and I started out with 2.5oz of pinot gris and chardonnay, respectively, while Richard had a glass of…gaaah I can’t remember what varietal – some kind of red.

white wines

Our eats included a hummus platter:

hummus platter

Fingerling potatoes with a white truffle aioli (a repeat from last week…this is one of my favorite dishes):

fingerling potatoes

Beef and gorgonzola:

beef and gorgonzola

Eggplant fries – another repeat from last week (horribly unflattering…sorry, fries):

eggplant fries

The entire spread (with my water glass in the way…oops).

tapas spread

After I finished my chardonnay, I had 2.5oz of the Argentinean Malbec I tried last week…something about red wine (wine in general, actually) is just damned sexy, right? One of my favorite sensations comes from sticking my nose down in a glass of red wine. Awesome.


Aaaand we might’ve had dessert. [FACEPALM]

apple frangipane

Apple frangipane and bourbon pecan pie. They weren’t HUUUUGE servings, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t redeem the fact that I partook.

bourbon pecan pie

Remember when I was all “no more of this crap” the other day? Why didn’t I listen to myself? I didn’t eat much dinner at all, but that doesn’t entitle me to get dessert. We weren’t celebrating anything, so there’s no excuse. I’d take myself out back and kick my own ass if I wasn’t so snuggly warm here on the couch.

Katherine, when will you learn? When will you either stop declaring stuff or start following it? You can’t put your foot down without meaning it, because it diminishes your credibility and makes you less accountable to yourself. Willpower, listen to Brain…she knows what she’s talking about.

Other mundane things from today:

Lunch was chicken (with some Boar’s Head spread I got in the deli section of Publix…I’m addicted to those things now) and green beans;

chicken and green beans

Bigelow’s Ginger Snappish tea:

Bigelow's Ginger Snappish Tea

Awkward photo of the day:


(Have I mentioned that the brightly-colored thing in the background is the pool table? We keep a sheet on top of the cover for added protection from this guy and his “brother.”)

I can’t think of any interesting questions to ask, so tell me something about yourself – hidden talent? secret obsession? little-known fact? Wow me. Hot