Imogene and Chocolate

I got a package yesterday…



…and inside contained my new baby, Imogene.



She takes very pretty pictures




…and some awkward ones, too.





Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot Nikon D3000 DSLR
DSC03648 DSC_0041
DSC03645 DSC_0001
DSC03647 DSC_0015

Imogene is a whooooole lotta camera, and I think I’ll be trying to get to know her better all weekend long!


There were two FedEx trucks to come through our neighborhood yesterday; the second came bearing Imogene, but the first came bearing a GIFT!!

Psshhhh I’ll be nice to anybody if they reward me with chocolate!!  Tongue outWink



A 30-day supply of dark chocolate from TCHO (which I had heard great things about and had wanted to try for awhile!).  HOLY CRAP.  Too bad Kevin doesn’t live closer or I’d totally stalk him.  Actually, it’s probably best for him that he doesn’t.  Because I’d totally stalk him. 


How cute is this package??




There are four different flavors inside – fruity, citrus, chocolatey, and nutty:



I thought it meant that each would have NUTS or FRUIT in them, but it’s this subtle hint of flavor…no…essence, instead.



Kevin, they’re rad.  You’re rad.  Thank you.  Open-mouthed


I’m off to hop in the shower and get semi-presentable…we’re celebrating my friend Kaycee’s birthday today by going to a Mediterranean restaurant and then ALICE IN WONDERLAND in 3D!!!  That was one of my favorite Disney movies as a little girl, and I friggin’ LOVE Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  Also, I can’t wait to see Alan Rickman as the caterpillar…I kind of love him.  I’ve been seeing so many movies lately, I don’t know what to do with myself! 


See any good movies lately?  What’s your favorite movie of all time?  Guilty pleasure movie?  Any actors or actresses that will lure you to the box office just by being cast in a movie?