Looking back over my posts...

...is affording me a good overarching view of the past week, and I don't like what I see. Pretty much every day has included some kind of alcohol and/or dessert - the two things I should be avoiding like the plague right now.

I'm writing this more as a preemptive strike, because I know you guys probably picked up on it already. I'm fussing at myself so y'all don't have to (because I hate getting fussed at by others!!). Birthdays are over. I've run out of excuses and rationalizations. I'm facing the scale on Wednesday and have pretty much guaranteed myself some piss-poor results.

I'm hovering at 205 right now and am SO READY to be in Onederland. I have been losing all this time, albeit veeerrrry slowly. Cutting out the items I should avoid anyway and cutting back on the "use sparingly" things are my goals for the next two weeks in order to get back on track.

In my head, I wasn't doing too badly, but photos don't lie (another awesome advantage of blogging). So there it is. And here it stops.