Medium-sized package

On Friday, I got a medium-sized package (tee-hee!) in the mail…

Medium-sized package

…filled with some very sweet treats from Hazel Hill Chocolates

Hazel Hill

Well, not from them.  They’re from my partner in chocolate-covered crime, Kevin!  We’re both secretly trying to sabotage each other’s diets while also rooting for each other’s success.  Ahh friendship, you fickle bitch.


So what’s in the package?  This giant caramel apple (which I’ve been instructed to eat posthaste and still haven’t done yet – oops).

Caramel apple

(I need a new backdrop…my comforter is getting tired.)


In the box were a layer of nut clusters (I say “were” because, sadly, they are no more – this is why I can’t be trusted around chocolate.)

Nut clusters

And underneath those…


TRUFFLES.  What. The. What.???  He even included a handy-dandy hand-drawn legend.

Chocolate legend

Cute, right??  After eating a few too many nut clusters at first, I banished the box to an oft-forgotten refrigerator; out of sight, out of mind.  Though so far, I have shared a “chocolate cake ‘thing’” with Mom.

Cake ball

It was essentially like Bakerella’s cake balls (I last made some in October for Catherine), and in comparing the two, I think I’ve committed myself to making some for Kevin after his competition, something I’m happy to do!


I made his last chocolatey gift last a few weeks…in keeping these latest indulgent treats in a spare fridge in a spare room, hopefully I’ll be able to make them last awhile!  Stay tuned to his blog, because I’ve sent him something that should be arriving soon, though I think I owe him something else to make up for the epicness of this Hazel Hill haul!


Thanks, Kevin!