Old Kentucky Chocolates

For as long as I can remember (and probably for awhile before that), my Great-Aunt Sue has worked for Old Kentucky Chocolates.  Every time we go to Lexington to visit her, we HAVE to go by the store and shop.  At first, we bought goodies for ourselves and a few friends, but as the years have gone on, we get sent to Kentucky with wishlists by our friends, and I have a sneaking suspicion we wouldn’t make it back to SC without fulfilling those wishes.  I’m proud to say that, aside from 2 truffles, I didn’t get anything for myself!  Angel


My Aunt Sue works at the store at the Lexington Center, but I’ll start with the factory store on Southland Drive because we visited it first this time.

Old Kentucky Chocolates Southland Dr.

The chocolate-covered grapes are AMAAAAZING!  Aside from chocolate-covered strawberries and grapes, they also do blueberries which are friggin’ awesome.  (Kevin, since I’m going to try to wax poetic about their chocolate, let’s consider this a post for Chocolate Wars) You can definitely tell their chocolate apart from others.  A few years ago, my cousin (other side of the family) went to a conference in Kentucky where they included chocolate in their swag bags, and he totally pinpointed where it came from after one bite.  It’s sooo good!


The factory store is pretty ginormous, and they’ve got sooo much stuff!

Old Kentucky Chocolates Southland Dr.

A reappearance of the chocolate horses on display:

Chocolate horses 

They had lots of Easter stuff on display.

Old Kentucky Chocolates Southland Dr.

I think this rabbit gave me nightmares.  Maybe if I kept it next to my bed at night, it’d serve as aversion therapy and cure me of my chocolate addiction.  Nah, I’d just eat it to get rid of it.

Creepy Chocolate Easter Bunny

Chocolate display case

Their bourbon chocolates, truffles, and cherries are big sellers and have won confectioner’s awards.  They will MESS. YOU. UP. they’re so strong (not really, but it seems like it).  I’ve never been a fan, but this time I tried a cherry and a truffle, and I had to chase them with a Derby Mint – also a big seller and a damned good chaser product.

Bourbon Chocolates


And here are several more pictures from the Lexington Center store just to drive y’all crazy give y’all a better idea of what I’m dealing with…

Old Kentucky Chocolates Lexington Center


Easter chocolate

This is one item I usually bring back for my friends – a chocolate horse’s ass.  With Kentucky being horse country and all, they’ve got lots of equestrian-themed products.

Chocolate horse butt

They’ve got lots of Kentucky basketball-themed stuff since Rupp Arena is right next door.

Kentucky chocolates

Buckeyes…always one of my favorites.

Chocolate peanut butter buckeyes

When I was a little kid, the amaretto cordials were always my fave.  I still like them, but kept my hands out of the jars this time. 

Chocolate cordials

Let’s play “spot the spelling error!”

Old Kentucky Chocolates Lexington Center

Chocolate display case

Like a kid in a candy store!

Mom, Sue, Me