Self-Sabotage: Part 1

(I’ve titled this post “Part 1” because, sadly, I’m sure this subject will come around again)


I was gearing down for bed, so tired and so happy to have my head hit the pillow, but I want to start this now.  I’ve been thinking a lot about self-sabotage, because I’ve been engaging in that particularly nasty behavior lately.




I know several people have discussed this (if you can recall posts from others about self-sabotage, have written one yourself, or have read any particularly interesting insight on the subject, can you put a link in the comments section, pretty please?), and I really started thinking about it when I listened to Episode 8 of the Two Fit Chicks podcast a few weeks ago (which, if you’re not listening to, you should be…it’s OUR news!!).


I’m so close to 200lbs I can taste it.  I have a couple of pairs of pants I can almost wear comfortably.  Why am I sabotaging myself by not eating sensibly? by skipping workouts?  Is it because I don’t love myself enough yet to honor my “commitment?” (quotes because it’s apparently half-assed).  Because I’m resting on my laurels (“I’ve come this far, so I deserve a break”)?  Because I suddenly think that last little bit before I reach my short-term goal will be easy?  Because I’m subconsciously afraid of success?


Personally at this moment, I’m leaning toward the “resting on my laurels” and “thinking 5lbs will be easy, so I’m slacking off” theories, but I’m open to more.


So I’m asking for help/input/opinions here – why do you think people self-sabotage their weight loss efforts (or any efforts for that matter)?  Is it an issue as simple as laziness, or is there some underlying psychological shiz at work there?