Skirting the issue

One of the things I left off my post last night was this loverly lady…


…my hetero life-mate, Catherine.  This is such a good picture of her, and she deserves some face time!  We ate at Bonefish Grill last night (Saturday) with her mom and stepdad.




One piece of bread + EVOO + herbs


Small portion (very small!) of salmon with mango salsa, haricots verts, and some kind of tomato + spinach + chickpea relish.


Cabernet sauvignon.  I didn’t get dessert, and I didn’t get cappuccino since the only milk they had was whole.  Patting myself on the back for turning both down.

I poodled my hair for the occasion.

Curly hair

Also I’ve been forgetting to post these that I took on Wednesday…

Hippie skirt side

(See how I’m standing – stomach & ass poked out?  I stand like this too often because my core is weak, and in turn it makes my back hurt.  That’s why one of my 2010 goals is to improve my posture & core strength – to fix this vicious cycle.  And also to lose that tummy.)

Hippie skirt front

…pictures from the same bathroom in which I took my last self portrait.  I felt slim on Wednesday, and I had to keep making sure my hippie skirt wasn’t falling down. The last time I remember this skirt fitting was at the beginning of grad school in fall of 2006, and now it’s a little too loose! (tee-hee… “little Toulouse”…nerd.)

Hippie skirt 2006

This week I've continued my closet overhaul; I can’t wait to post pictures of the giant boxes of fat clothes I’m giving away, and I can’t wait to get rid of more to make room for all my skinny clothes!  While I’m wearing a 16-18 in pants now (down from a 22ish), I’ve got two size 12 dresses that fit well.  SIZE TWELVE.  AAAAHHHH!!


First daffodil of (almost) spring!

Maddy and daffodil 

Editing to show a few things I got today at Target: an oxford shirt and 3/4-sleeved cardigan on clearance, and a size L sports bra (I’ve been wearing XXL – my boobs are so much happier now!)

Target clothes


Also, a couple of my bloggy friends are having giveaways, so check ‘em out and enter for yourself!  (Or don’t, so I can have a better chance! )