Courtesy Shower

After my cathartic post earlier, I’m definitely feeling better.  Tonight at Zumba, I shook my ass like it’s never been shaken before, and I definitely needed that outlet to de-stress.  It seems like I push myself harder every week, and I come out feeling better for it on the other side every single time.  Aaaand after class, my friend Rachel commented on my weight loss – score!  I’m starting to feel like I look more “normal.”  I know I’m still obese, but my size isn’t so freakishly huge anymore, so I’m pleased with that.  Aaaand I’m half a pound away from Onederland.  That announcement will be made soon, mark my words. 


Tonight for dinner, I threw together one of my roll-up recipes, and I tried roasting broccoli in the oven for the first time.  Can you believe that broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables, yet I think I’ve only ever had it steamed?  This recipe helped me think outside the box with my broccoli!


For my rollup, I took a chicken breast and pounded it thinner with my muddler.  Yeah, I don’t have a meat mallet, but why buy an extra kitchen tool when your cocktail masher does the job while looking like a robot dildo at the same time?


So first I chiffonaded (that’s a technique but is it also a verb whose tense can be changed??) some basil and oregano from my little herb garden…

Basil and oregano chiffonade

…then pounded out each chicken breast and sprinkled it with pepper and garlic powder.  I laid a little of the herbs, some brie cheese, and some oil-packed sundried tomatoes in a line…

Chicken roll-up

…then rolled it up and shoved toothpicks in it to make it stay closed.  I repeated the process and laid ‘em all in a pan I sprayed with olive oil, and I sprayed the tops for good measure before baking it for about 40 minutes at 375°.

Chicken and broccoli

Chicken and broccoli

I was worried the chicken would be bland since I didn’t marinate it, but the stuff inside made it nice and flavorful and moist!


As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m having a conversation with one of my friends on AIM and it’s too good not to share.

Anonymous BFF: ummm, something just hit me.

Anonymous BFF: did you shower before you worked out?!

Anonymous BFF: cuz, that's pretty cool. i'd never do it.

Anonymous BFF: hahaha

Me: I showered yesterday morning.  I ran this morning at the park, came home and showered, then I went to the gym a few hours later for zumba.

Anonymous BFF: i wait until i'm really stinky, then work out, then shower.

Anonymous BFF: you are my personal hero

Me: if I was just going running by myself, that's one thing, but it's kinda close quarters in that room.

Anonymous BFF: im just sayin

Me: hehe

Anonymous BFF: i'd be funky just cause the room is small. i like to make a statement, you see.

Me: OHHH this is good.

Me: can I blog this?!?


So, dear readers – what’s your policy on stinking up your gym?  If you were gross, would you take a courtesy shower before the gym, or do you always wait till after you’re done with everything that day?

Also, do you have moments in your everyday life where you think, “OH GOD I NEED TO BLOG THIS” or find yourself asking other people permission to blog about them or use their words?  It’s starting to occur more regularly for me!