Miyo’s Pick-Me-Up

Hey y’all! I’ve written a new post for Hollaback Health about being a good commenterYou guys are always awesome commenters, so please don’t think for a second that my inspiration came from my personal blog.  Do you ever read other blogs and just roll your eyes at some of the comments people leave?  THAT’s where I’m coming from.

Last night, Mom and I went to Miyo’s because she had a stressful day and I needed some cheering up.  The first way to cheer yourself up?  A fruity, springy cocktail.



Second way?  Splitting a tempura roll with your momz.


Third way? Eating 1/3 of your coconut green curry chicken and vegetables.  And maybe a few forkfuls of fried rice.  Helloooo leftovers.


Aaaand finally, Godiva chocolate cake will usually cheer you up, even if it does weigh you down.


I don’t feel guilty about what I ate, because sometimes a good, indulgent restaurant visit is good for the soul.  Plus, for each picture I’ve put here, I’ve eaten a rather boring protein + veggie meal lately that has gone unpictured. 

Did Miyo’s cure my depression?  Nah, but it perked me up!  Now, to go nuke my lunch…