Onederland and Wine

So yesterday morning I got a nice surprise…


…and yeah, it was back up in the 200s today, but I SAW IT, so I’m claiming it.  I got a sweet glimpse of Onederland, and I’ll see it again very soon.


Tonight, Mom and I went to a wine tasting at Riverbanks Zoo and had a blast!  They poured much smaller samples this year, so I didn’t get as “fit-shaced” as last year, and I felt a lot more comfortable in my own skin which definitely made me have a much better time overall.

Wine tasting

Besides a bazillion different wines (I liked fewer wines this year – maybe that means my tastes are more refined and I know what I like, as opposed to last year when I was open to a lot more stuff?), I tried a few different foods


Italian chicken kebabs with prosciutto and artichokes:

Italian chicken kebab

Shrimp and grits:

Shrimp and grits

Some cookie/brownie/bar thingies I split with Mom that were friggin’ amazing:

Bar dessert thingies

Seriously, finger-lickin’ good.

Finger lickin' good.

And a prime rib sandwich with bananas foster cheesecake:

Prime rib sandwich and bananas foster cheesecake

I stayed sober enough to take some pretty pictures!

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

Then…Mom and I picked up drunken munchies afterward. 

Drunken munchies

Cake ‘n’ ice cream.  You win some, you lose some.  I finished Week 3 of Couch to 5K today; it doesn’t make the cake and ice cream right, but it makes me feel better about it.  Tomorrow’s a new day. 


Speaking of tomorrow, I’m headed to our lakehouse to do some more work on the decks.  What have y’all got going on this weekend?