Pollen: The 11th Plague

Want to see what’s coating the inside of my respiratory system?





GRRROOOOOOSSSSSS.  Sick I GLADLY welcome the rain that’s coming tomorrow…this crap needs to be washed away!

My eats for the past few meals have been boring…they’ve all looked like this:

Ham and green beans

However, I’m seriously proud to announce that I didn’t eat any sweets yesterday!  I chugged about a gallon of water, got back to clean eating, and I feel like my momentum has shifted to “weight loss” mode instead of “be a slug” mode.  I hope it keeps up!!


Last night, we planted some tomato plants in the front of the house; I’m not a tomato fan, but it felt nice to get my hands dirty.

Tomato plant

Then I did some gardening of my own…

Herb box

Herbs!!!  I’ve got mint, rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme that we bought from the Garden Festival at the zoo last weekend.  It seems like every year, I plant a little herb garden, use it for awhile, then accidentally kill it.  The situation is best illustrated by this clip:

Come to think of it, that’s what happens to a lot of endeavors of mine.  I “stroke it, I pet it, I massage it,” and then I fizzle out….  Last night I participated in the Fitblog Chat on Twitter (hashtag #fitblog), and the last question stopped me dead in my tracks - “what accomplishment are you proud of lately?”


I had nothing.


I started C25K last week, didn’t finish the week due to one thing or another; I haven’t been to the gym since I got sick, what, 3 weeks ago?  I’ve been ODing on all the things I keep telling myself to avoid.  I got depressed and kinda emo (sorry, Twitter) for a short while last night and then realized what my problem was: I don’t set goals for myself.  I’m not in the habit of practicing goal-setting, and since I haven’t “accomplished” any goals, I don’t feel good about myself.  And since I’m not in the habit of setting and accomplishing goals, when I actually DO publicly announce a goal for myself (which is rare), I have a hard time reaching it because I don’t have the skills to self-pace, self-evaluate, and make good progress.  Whew. (edit: hey now, I didn’t eat any sweets or drink any alcohol yesterday…I deserve a pat on the back after all!)


So as not to be too hasty and put my foot in my mouth, I want to think some more about what my goals should be before I announce them publicly, but I want to know from y’all, what types of goals do you set for yourself?  Small, incremental ones or big monumental ones or both? How do you keep track of your progress? Calendar? Mobile device? Computer? What do you do when you fall short of a goal or slack off on a timetable you’ve set for yourself?