So many blogs…so many ideas to copy

I love the blogging community for so many reasons: for the encouragement, the inspiration, the push to make ourselves better…

and for so many great ideas to copy.

A few days ago, Lizzie posted some lettuce wraps on her blog that looked mighty damn fine.  I’ve wanted to try making some but never got around to it, and seeing hers definitely pushed me to finally try it tonight!

I sautéed chopped onions and minced garlic in some EVOO before adding ground turkey and some powdered ginger.


I used either Boston or bibb lettuce, can’t remember which, and put a scoop of the turkey in each, added some random cabbage + carrot coleslaw mix I had left over from something, then topped each with either spicy peanut sauce or sweet and sour sauce.



It was pretty good…


…but I bet Lizzie’s were better.

I made some butternut squash “fries” (referred henceforth as BSFs for ease of my fingers) on the side – no big thang – but it always wigged me out to eat BSFs without any kind of sauce; I need to have something to dip my fries into.  One day awhile back, I had some BSFs in the oven and decided to try mustard + maple syrup.  I did a trial run with both dijon and “cheap yella,” and the cheap stuff definitely is best – the tang + sweet is the perfect compliment to BSFs.  My maple mustard is definitely better because I’ve got real deal Canadian maple syrup from Jaime


It might look icky, but it’s super-tasty!

Have you developed any weird-sounding recipes or food combinations that turned out to be phenomenal? 

Truly random sidenote: today at Zumba, I re-met a friend I made during a class in the summer of 2003.  We’ve been Facebook friends all these years but I haven’t seen her since then!  Such a coincidence that we went to the same Zumba class tonight!