All-purpose secret weapons

I had my regular weigh-in/check-up today and lost 3lbs in the past 2 weeks; it’s not huge, but I’m excited to be getting back in the game!  Mom had the day off and went with me to my appointment, and I’m so glad she did – I went over lab work with my doctor and was able to ask questions about family traits like insulin resistance and reflux with Mom asking her own questions.  We’re wondering if a bunch of these quirks are related, so we’re going to do some research and diet tweakage.  My doctor recommended Mom try a gluten-free diet and see how it impacts her reflux.  Have any of you radically switched your diet based on various symptoms or overall ickines?  Gone gluten-free or dairy-free?  Were you diagnosed with a disease that made you alter your diet or did you just try it on your own?

So what does one do upon leaving her bariatric physician?  Eat a ginormous Greek salad with chicken from  Zoë’s Kitchen!

Zoë’s Kitchen Greek salad with chicken

And to round out The Best Meal in the Entire World, we split two cupcakes from Cupcake on Lincoln St.Creamsicle and Cinnamon Swirl.  I might’ve shed tears over my half of the cinnamon; that cupcake was damned amazing.


We sat out on the back patio at Cupcake for the first time – isn’t it cute?

Cupcakes patio

Cupcake patio

I friggin’ love that place in an unhealthy way.  I’m so glad it’s far from my beaten path.

For dinner tonight, I busted open something I haven’t used in awhile – Cavender’s Greek seasoning.

Cavender's Greek Seasoning

I bought this stuff after having some particularly amazing “Greek zucchini” from a restaurant I’m now wracking my brain to remember…I don’t know if this is the stuff they used on their zucchini, but it’s pretty dang tasty.  I haven’t yet broken free from the confines of experience by trying it out on something other than zucchini, but now that I’ve “re-discovered” it, I can’t wait to try it on chicken.

Greek seasoning on zucchini and onions

Lately I’ve been on a roast beef + horseradish + mustard kick…no clue where cravings like this come from.  Tonight for dinner, I did a bastardized version of a lettuce wrap by taking a slice of roast beef, slapping these on it…

Horseradish and Blue Cheese Herb Mustard

…and wadding it up on a piece of bibb lettuce.

Roast beef on bibb lettuce

Add to that the Greek zucchini with parmesan and some simple steamed cabbage, and you’ve got one random-ass meal.

Wednesday night dinner

Do you have any all-purpose seasonings that you’d consider your “secret weapon?”  Any you could (or do) put on everything?