Heart and Sole Women’s 5-Miler

On Saturday, Mom, my friend Lofton and I (and Lofton’s dog, Josey!) participated in the Heart and Sole walk for women’s heart disease awareness.  They had a 5-mile run and a 3-mile and 5-mile walk, and I’m super-proud of us for sticking it out for the 5-mile walk!  The last time we did it, we couldn’t make it the full 5 miles and broke off where the routes forked.

There were over 1,400 participants, and we all had goofy pink tank tops.

Heart and Sole Participants

The event was for women only, but it was awesome to see men come and support the ladies!  There were lots of men (and women) along the sides of the street cheering us on - apparently there ARE some good guys out there!  It was nice to walk through downtown Columbia early on a Saturday morning…

Downtown Columbia

…and hear some great music…

Jacobi Gunter

(I think this guy, Jacobi Gunter, is out there every year – he’s such a good drummer, and he’s always positioned on the big Gervais Street hill, so he really helps us move it along!)

(when we walked by the Dent Middle School steel drummers, they were playing “Billie Jean,” which subsequently got stuck in my head all day.  Sorry for the shaky video!)

At the finish line

Heart and Sole finish line

…every participant got a long-stemmed rose!


Of course, they also had some snacks:

Bagel and peanut butter

Chocolate-covered strawberries

When we were done at the event, guess where we went to lunch?  OK, don’t guess…it’s too easy.

Zoe's Kitchen

I think all us gals had a pretty nice morning!


Did you participate in any race events this weekend?