Lowcountry Lost Party

I feel hungover as crap today, but not because of alcohol.  Because of these:

Coconut lime cookies with smoke monster sprinkles

Luscious buttery, sugary, carby, limey, coconutty cookies.  With smoke monster black sugar sprinkles.  I had seen the recipe on Tastespotting awhile back and bookmarked it for later (Coconut Lime Chewy Sugar Cookies from Rock Recipes), and what better occasion to make and eat a crap-ton of tropical cookies than for a LOST finale party?

This weekend I headed down to the Lowcountry to my friends Staci and Josh’s house to watch the show with other like-minded Losties (I haven’t watched it with other people since Season 2, so it was nice to be around people who knew what the hell was going on!) The entire night – save for the show itself, IMHO – was awesome.  Check out some of the amazing decor at their house:

Charlie’s handprint in the bathroom “porthole”

Bathroom "porthole"

Oceanic flight 815 ticket

Oceanic flight 815 ticket

Names on the “wall”

Names on the "wall"

Oceanic 815 marquee

Oceanic 815 Marquee

Jacob’s ashes

Jacob's ashes

Dharma initiative food drop protocol manual

Dharma Initiative food drop protocol manual

Cupcake island (and lotto ticket with The Numbers in the background!)

Island cupcakes 

Smoke monster cookies

My contributions were the smoke monster cookies and Malibu Rum + pineapple juice (Dharma-issued of course  )

Malibu + pineapple juice 

Staci served fruit with an awesome dip…

Cutting fruit

…and Josh grilled up some amazing chicken and pork kebabs.  I wonder if he’d share his secret marinade recipe with me….

Shish kebabs

I wasn’t the only one to slap a Dharma label on my libations!  And check out “Jacob’s decanter” on the right!

Dharma-issued drinks 

Dharma beer

There was a smoke monster on the porch, complete with freaky sound effects.

Smoke monster

Almost looks real, right??

Smoke monster

Claire’s Aaron 2.0 (I keep calling it a Turdbaby.  I’ve been saying “turd” too much lately.)

Claire's stick baby

Another Dharma protocol manual

Dharma initiative manual

This was the coolest thing ever – someone picked up prepackaged sorbet (I think from Costco?) that came in hollowed-out coconuts and pineapples!  I had the coconut flavor in a coconut shell, the pineapples had pineapple sorbet, and there was a lemon-pomegranate flavor that someone said came in a lemon rind.  Is that not the neatest thing ever??

Sorbet in a pineapple

Sorbet in a coconut

I stole the rest of these pictures from Staci:

Character koozies

Character koozies

Desmond’s command prompt.  I never did see what happened when you entered the sequence properly.

Desmond's command prompt

Strewn-about luggage, each with an Oceanic 815 tag

Oceanic 815 luggage

Oceanic 815 luggage 

A bunch of happy/sad/confused/peaceful Losties.


I had a couple of fruity island drinks, a couple of kebabs, way too many Arnold’s Thins ham + pineapple pizzas, one coconut sorbet, and way too many cookies.  Today, I drove home, promptly PTFOed soon after I walked in the door, and have been battling the achies and the hungries ever since.  I see a carb detox in my immediate future.

Do you watch Lost?  What did you think of the finale?  I’m an answers person, and I’m frustrated I didn’t get all of them that I wanted.  What’s the most fun theme party you’ve ever been to?  Staci and Josh DEFINITELY know how to throw a theme party!