Wedding weekend in Clemson

I feel like such an old lady.  I spent the weekend in Clemson for my friends Richard and Lisa’s wedding, and I’m still recovering from too much beer and lack of sleep.  I can’t even imagine how I’d be feeling if I had flown there from a different time zone!  Yet another reason to keep getting healthier – so I can practice making healthier decisions but bounce back quicker on the occasions that I make some not-so-healthy ones.

On Friday night after a dinner of Mexican food, friends I grew up with, friends I went to college with, and a friend I made through blogging – Carla – all met up at TD’s in Clemson to watch the Clemson vs. University of South Carolina College World Series baseball game (Clemson and USC are bitter rivals, and sadly USC beat Clemson both Friday and Saturday). 

Y’all recognize this face, right?

Carla and Kat

They played “Thriller” at one point.  This was the only move we all knew.


Friends at TD's

Beer and conversation at TD's

The next day I awoke with a headache, vowing never to drink beer again (several hours later, I enjoyed my first – but only! – beer of the day at the reception; I’m not good at keeping promises to myself).  The dinky little coffee maker in my hotel room was broken, so I went to Panera looking for sustenance.  The Breakfast Power Sandwich was just what I needed.

Panera Breakfast Power Sandwich

Along with a triple-shot latte, a couple of liters of water, and a healthy dose of Gatorade, naturally.  The wedding was at 2pm and was so sweet; it was held in a cute little chapel in Clemson, and the ceremony was perfect! 

Richard and Lisa

After picking up a post-ceremony coffee, Lofton and I headed to the pre-reception cocktail hour about 15 minutes away where we had drinks, fruit, cheese, and crackers.

Cocktail hour

The reception was a lot of fun!  I didn’t take a picture of my dinner because it didn’t feel appropriate, but I took plenty of other photos…

Wedding cake

This cake had strawberries baked in and was seriously the best wedding cake I’ve ever had.

Richard and Kat

I didn’t manage to get the two of them together, but these will have to do!  They both looked fantastic – I’ve never seen Richard so happy in the 21 years that I’ve known him.

Lisa and Kat

I decided to skip the post-reception hotel party…I made the mistake of previewing pictures of myself during the reception, and I so didn’t look like how I imagined I did.  Also, I was feeling lonely in an “everyone here but me has someone” way and I didn’t want to bum people out any more than I probably already had.  No matter what I did, I just couldn’t shake the pity party feeling, and I hate that.  It’s pretty insane how miserable I can make myself, even during such a happy event! 

I had a nice night to myself involving an at-home facial, a couple of single-serving Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, and some Pepperidge Farm cookies (it is what it is, and even though if I had it to do over again, I would’ve just gotten one of those ice cream things, for some strange reason I don’t feel so bad about it).  I woke up Sunday feeling rested and ready to walk around Clemson for a few hours, but not before visiting my favorite coffee shop – Moe Joe.  I used to frequent this place a few times a week on my way to work during grad school, and I miss having a cozy little local coffee shop nearby.  I got an orange cranberry muffin – my fave from back in the day – and a sugar-free nonfat White Tiger latte, made with caramel and white chocolate syrups.

Orange cranberry muffin and White Tiger latte

After running around campus for the next 3 hours taking pictures…

 Death Valley


Clemson ring

Littlejohn Coliseum

…I hit the road and stopped outside of Greenville for lunch with Mark where I had my last unhealthy food of the weekend, a cheeseburger

I am definitely ready to get out of the “vacation food” mindset and get back on the healthy blogger bandwagon, because I feel gross and heavy and hated how I looked this weekend.  I definitely fell subject to the cyclical “I hate how I look, I hate my life, I’m going to drown my sorrows in calories” pitfalls, but I’m ready to pick myself up again and keep at it.  My dinner last night was the first step in getting back to normal:

simple food

Pork tenderloin, steamed asparagus, and some eggplant concoction Mom found in the latest Weight Watchers magazine.  Fresh and simple…awesome.

Do you tend to fall off the wagon during weekend vacations (even if you give yourself a pep-talk beforehand!), or are you one of those enviable strong-willed people who keeps it all in check?