Crack-laced hummus and mental hurdles

Saturday night was one of those nights where I opted to live instead of blog, and I definitely regret that decision.  My friends Deidra and Arthur had a lowcountry boil at their house, and I only took 6 pictures, and all of the same thing…WTF?

Lowcountry Boil

I wanted to document them dumping out the shrimp/corn/potato/sausage concoction, but then I was too befuddled by my own plate (or my social anxiety) that I didn’t pick my camera up the rest of the night.  Too bad, because the food was good and the beer pong table was rockin’.

Last night, Mom and I went out to dinner at a local Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant, Al-Amir.  They’ve got tons of different dishes to choose from, but I’ve got a go-to favorite I rarely veer from.  I started with a feta cheese salad

Feta cheese salad

…before having the orgasmic Damascus Hummus.

Damascus hummus

It’s topped with chicken and roasted veggies and tahini and crack, I’m sure.  The bread they serve it with is so soft and amazing and…ahhh I want some more.  Sadly, I ate my leftovers for breakfast this morning (I just couldn’t wait for lunch).  The only reason I even had leftovers is because I knew we wanted gelato which they make in-house.  I had the dulce de leche, and they certainly added some flair to it.

Dulce de leche gelato

Snazzy, right?  Yesterday after writing my emotionally intense, neurotic post, I headed to the gym to run it off.  I cranked up my angry rock and ran hard and fast; too hard and fast, because I only lasted like 12 minutes.  I don’t understand what my hang-up is about running.  Do I get bored?  Can I try harder to push through those exhausted legs and side stitches that seem to plague me every time I try?  Why can’t don’t I ever make it past 10-15 minutes, even when I slow my pace?  Running is so mental – when I decided I’d take a break to walk, I had no hope of starting up again because my iPod kept acting up and there were several other people on the track by that point.  I can’t stand running when there are others on the track.  What can I say?  I’m an only child – we don’t share well.

Today Lofton and I went to Zumba for the first time in a month or two, and we tried a different class and teacher.  I still sweated a lot, but I didn’t get nearly the workout I have from Zumba in the past.  I miss my old class and favorite teacher, but it’s SO crowded during her class nowadays that I’ve avoided going back.  It’s funny the excuses I use to talk myself out of trying harder, huh?  But seriously, the teacher makes ALL the difference in the world, right?

I’m going to yoga tonight and I’m SO excited.  I haven’t been in about 2 weeks and I miss it so much.  My body feels tight, I’m not breathing as easily, and I’ve felt so on edge lately that it’ll be therapeutic to just move and stretch and breeeeeathe.

When you’ve had a mental hangup in the past about exercise, what did you do to get past it?  What are some of your favorite angry running songs?  Paramore and Linkin Park made a few appearances during my fast-and-furious stint yesterday.