Creating logical arguments with myself

I’m trying to keep an objective view of what I’ve done right in the past 24 hours instead of dwelling on what I’ve done wrong.  Hopefully seeing this logical argument “on paper” will help me realize I’m not as bad off as I think.  Since yesterday, I have:

  • Kicked ass at yoga once again, feeling strong and sexy in the process.  Kat: 1, Funk: 0
  • Started the 100 Pushups program Kat: 2, Funk: 0
  • Made an awesome meal I haven’t made in awhile – Moroccan Spiced Pork with a gorgonzola sauce, sauteed squash, and I threw together a garlic parmesan risotto at the last minute (if you can even say that about risotto). Kat: 3, Funk: 0

squash, risotto, and Moroccan-spiced pork

  • Had a doctor’s appointment; lost 2 lbs, and my blood pressure was 125/75 Kat: 4, Funk: 0
  • Went to Fresh Market to buy coffee, resisted bulk bin junk food  Kat: 5, Funk: 0
  • Brought cupcakes to Mom and her co-workers, ate one myself  We’ll call this one a draw – karma wins, diet loses
  • Went to the gym Kat: 6, Funk: 0
  • Took pictures of myself at the gym because I thought I looked ok Kat: 7, Funk: 0

back sidefront 

  • Could only focus on my arms/stomach/hips trouble spots and how goofy I look when I don’t smile  Kat: 7, Funk: 1
  • Ran for only 9 minutes, got angry that I couldn’t push through a stupid side stitch and tried to do the elliptical.  Only made it 5 minutes due to sore quads, got even angrier and went super fast and furious for 5 minutes on the rowing machine until my back hurt.  this one’s probably a draw, too.  I ended up letting the mental barriers get in my way, but I did try to get around them first
  • Went to the grocery store for various staples and dinner components, resisted chocolate. Kat: 8, Funk: 1
  • Realized I was super-hungry and ate a Publix Cuban sandwich as big as my head ON THE WAY HOMEKat: 8, Funk 2

Good behaviors won out over bad, and yet I’m still having trouble not letting the bad take over.  Seeing it written down helps put it into perspective, though!  I’m doing ok, I didn’t fall off the wagon, I went to the gym and am making an effort to make exercise a daily routine again.  I’ve got mantras repeating over and over in my head, and I’ll be ok if I keep reminding myself and practicing.

Have you ever had to logically argue your way out of irrational worry/guilt?  Have you done the 100 Pushups plan?