Lake Excursion

One of the biggest perks of living on Lake Murray is being able to take a quick trip out on the lake without too much preparation.  My friend Kate invited several of us out on the lake Thursday night for an impromptu sunset boat picnic, and we brought some pretty awesome snackables along!

shrimp and bruschetta


I should’ve documented it better, but I was running late after spending too much time at the gym (true story, I swear) and threw my contribution together in about 20 minutes (and that includes grilling my bread on a hibachi grill inside…our oven died).  Once we got out on the lake, the wind was so bad that I couldn’t even spare a thought to take food pictures – I was too busy documenting our awesome time and making sure our stuff didn’t blow away (which it did at one point, necessitating a jump in the lake to rinse off).

We had shrimp, chips and dip, carrots, and blueberries, and I made bruschetta with tomatoes and basil from our own little garden.  I also threw together my first-ever batch of sangria – riesling with orange, lemon, lime, peach, and strawberries.  The fruit-to-wine ratio was a little too high, but I was able to re-use the fruit for a second batch today.  smile_wink

We were only out for less than a couple of hours, but it definitely helped lift the fog.

Kat, Cat, Kate


Heather, Triston, Kate

Lofton, Doc, Josey

Cat, Triston, Heather 

I’ve GOT TO get back in the habit of blogging regularly for the accountability factor.  I feel so out of whack with my eating and exercising lately that it’s hurting me physically and mentally.  Ick!  Since the wedding, I haven’t gotten 100% back on track with being healthy, and now I’m faced with a holiday weekend.  I need to learn how to approach holidays and special occasions with more balance (how many times have I said that before, though?) Maybe if I say it enough, it’ll magically start happening…  Who am I kidding?  I just need to put in more effort.  Honestly, I’ve been having a rough time lately only because I haven’t tried hard enough to make good choices.  You’ll see in my next post, too.  [Sigh…]


When you do challenges (either personal or blog-based) and attempt to accomplish goals, what motivates you to complete them?  Is it internal, or do you have external motivators/rewards?  I need to do some sort of cardio/strength challenge but have fallen off the wagon with them before so am leery of setting myself up again.