Liquor and Lace and a quicky sewing project

On Saturday night, I went over to Catherine and Scotty’s house for an engagement party/couple’s shower being thrown for them. 

Catherine and Scotty

The theme was “Liquor ‘n’ Lace” – the bastard child of a “stock the bar” party and a lingerie shower.  People brought gifts of liquor and sexy lingerie – I think both the bride and groom can benefit from both of those gifts, amiright?  smile_wink

I think she liked my gifts; the Patron tequila was immediately opened and shot, and the panties were immediately donned…



Yesterday started off relaxing – I watched streaming Netflix movies from the Wii (there really are very few reasons to leave the house anymore) and went through magazines that have been piling up on my desk for months while I enjoyed my coffee.  Definitely the best way to spend a Sunday morning.

Coffee, magazines, and movies in bed

Later when I went out to run errands, though, I nearly had a panic attack – I couldn’t remember if I had blown out the candle on my dresser!  I knew that even if it was burning, it’d probably be ok since the wick was far down in the jar, but I just couldn’t relax until I got home…only to see that the candle was out and had been out for some time.  I hate that I didn’t pay better attention, because the anxiety totally killed my calm buzz!  I HATE feeling absent-minded!

For lunch yesterday, I had a salad I’ve been craving for awhile – blueberries and low-fat feta cheese on romaine and spring mix with Marzetti’s Raspberry Cabernet Vinaigrette dressing.

blueberry, feta, raspberry cabernet dressing

So light and refreshing!

My big project this weekend required the use of my sewing machine – making curtains for the garage windows.  Boring, tedious, but it gave me a sense of accomplishment.  Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a finished product in-hand after a few hours of effort.  Even better than the curtains, though, is what I made when I wasn’t quite ready to put away the sewing machine.

This fabric…

Paisley fabric 

…got magically transformed into…

yoga mat bag

A yoga mat bag!  I’ve never had one before!  I always use a strap of elastic to hold my mat together, but it was starting to fall apart and leave unsightly cinch marks on my mat.  This bag is MUCH more fashionable, IMHO.  It was supposed to have a drawstring, but…math is hard, y’all (I mis-measured).  Plus, a drawstring would just slow me down.  Now I need to get my ass back to class to show it off!

What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday?  Favorite refreshing summer salad recipe?  Do you sew or do crafty things?