Never completely satisfied?

If you’ve got a Fresh Market nearby, run there fast and get a pound of their “Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa” coffee.  It’s billed as a “dessert” coffee, and it’s chocolate-flavored, and it’s amazing, and I want to marry it and have little chocolate-flavored coffee bean babies.  Every morning (typically), I have one of my diet shake meal replacement thingies mixed with coffee (essentially the same thing as mixing a packet of cocoa with coffee).  I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to drink coffee black, and this “cocoa coffee” concoction has spoiled me.  I’ll probably drink cocoa + coffee every morning for the rest of my life, and if I could, I’d definitely use this one from Fresh Market.

cocoa coffee

Last night for dinner, I made my balsamic and bleu burgers (yep…again), and tried Roni’s Stuffed Pizza-Style Zucchini on the side.

scooped-out zucchini

(whenever I have to scoop seeds or innards out of anything like this – squash, tomatoes, etc. – I use a grapefruit spoon!)

zucchini filling

Diced zucchini innards, onions, tomato paste, tomato sauce, feta, garlic, and oregano in the cavity, parmesan cheese on top.

stuffed zucchini

I put them on the upper shelf/rack thingy in the back of the grill while we did our burgers, and they came out perfectly!

stuffed zucchini, pizza-style

I’ve started serving my burgers on giant piles of shredded romaine, and I’m definitely having a love affair lately with balsamic vinegar.  I could eat a bowl of salad with just balsamic on it, and I actually might today!

balsamic and bleu burger with stuffed zucchini 

Lastly, I saw snippets of a Serena Williams interview the other day that made me sad; she says she still doesn’t like her arms.  Are we women just programmed to automatically hate SOMETHING on our bodies?  Her body is amazing and she’s still not satisfied.  Am I going to be doomed to dislike something about myself forever?  Or through losing weight, am I going to come to love the end result because it’s such an improvement from where I started?  I know everyone (regardless of gender) compares themselves to other people and will fall prey to the “the grass is greener” mentality from time to time, but do you guys worry that you’ll never completely be satisfied with how you look?  (I do a lot!)