Wherein I totally nerd out on a metaphor

Clearly I’m stalking Roni, one recipe at a time.


I’ve gotta say, that cabbage recipe is BALLER.  I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of cabbage (unless it’s sauerkraut on a brat or reuben sandwich), but I like it well enough.  When I’ve made it before, it’s typically been steamed and covered in butter or some reasonable-ish facsimile and liberally sprinkled with salt.  However, this recipe was just fine on its own, no high-calorie condiments needed!  I even left out the bacon (due to lack of supply) and threw the foil-wrapped cabbage on the grill.  The end result was amazing!  If you’ve typically shied away from cabbage before, try it this way!

In other news, I’ve officially lost 80 lbs, and I feel like I’ve finally broken through the eating funk that’s been plaguing me lately.  No bingeing, no eating when I’m not hungry…I feel better about where things are going.  I’ve got a lot of social eating situations this week, so I’ve got to continue to try harder to keep it in check.  Meredith was SO RIGHT about the snowball effect – one good choice/behavior/activity breeds another.  In a metaphor of ultimate nerdiness, it’s like friction (y’all know I love my metaphors).  It takes a lot of energy to start moving against static friction, but once you’ve got the object in motion, it requires less energy to keep moving it against oppositional frictiony forces.  Too geeky?  Meh, it’s how I roll.  Once I make a good choice for lunch, I want to continue the streak for dinner.  Once I eat well for dinner, I want to go to the gym the next day.  Just gotta keep this ball rolling…

Have you found any good recipes that have made you appreciate a “meh” food?  (I’m still looking for one to make brussels sprouts less putrid!) What’s your best trick to ensure continued motivation when you finally find it?