Aiken for a Picnic

From Sunday to Tuesday, Mom and I visited my grandmother in Aiken, SC.  It was nice to get away from home for a couple of days, but lately I’ve been finding that I get bored really easily, so I tended to get a little stir-crazy.  I forgot to bring a knitting project, so I mostly played on my phone and iPod like a brat. 

On Monday, we went to Hopelands Gardens and had a picnic!  We stopped at Publix and grabbed a bunch of stuff…

picnic spread

Two kinds of chicken salad, Hawaiian rolls, potato salad, cheese, Sabra tahini hummus, tabbouleh, crackers, pita chips, and some amazing tiramisu for dessert.


Gaaaaah soooo good.

picnic dates


I did some yoga on the grass, but I’m definitely not flashing those pics on teh interwebs.  I WILL, however, flash a few pictures of our pretty surroundings!  We set up our spot next to this frog-filled reflection pool.

reflection pool 



Hopelands Garden

Hopelands Garden

Hopelands Garden

It’s incredible that this place used to be someone’s back yard.  I want to be whatever they were when I grow up!

For the duration of our visit, our meals consisted of picnic leftovers.

snacky foods

Have y’all tried this chipotle hummus from Sabra?  Holy crap it’s so good, and it burns only when you stop eating it.  A ploy to sell more?

Sabra chipotle hummus

I was excited to get home last night and have some plain ol’ protein + vegetables in the form of another (unpictured) beer can chicken and green beans!  Now since I feel so stir-crazy, hopefully I’ll get a lot accomplished this week.  Sitting in one spot for too long makes my soul itch.

Mom’s off this week and we’re doing a staycation thing.  We renewed our park membership yesterday and are riding our bikes today!  Hopefully once I feel comfortable today, I’ll try out a new path tomorrow.  It should make for a good blog post if all goes according to plan!

What are your favorite “staycation” activities?