Is blogging holding us back?

I’ve been thinking about this a little as I put myself in the shoes of my IRL friends who are nice enough to read my blog.  I know they don’t get it.  Why take pictures of my food?  Why document my workout down to every last minute?  Why tell the entire population of the internet what I weigh?  Everyone doesn’t have to get it, because I do, some of you do, and that’s enough.

However, tonight during the #fitblog chat, we were talking about what motivates us to keep going even if our workout plans fall through.  Robby asked this of the group:

"Is it bad that I never want to look at my before picture? Not in denial. Just don't think we're the same person anymore." - @FatGirlvsWorld

That question really got some good conversations going about our “old” selves and before and after pictures, in particular (these might be out of order, and some are responses to others…it’s the main gist of it that I want y’all to get):

  • LowFatKat: if we didn't blog, we wouldn't think about our old selves as much, for better or worse. Agree? Disagree?
  • FatGirlvsWorld: Seriously, though. At what point do you stop toting that person/burden around?
  • FatGirlvsWorld: I carry her with me right now. I need to do good by her.
  • ZenLizzie: Even pre-blogging I was constantly thinking about smaller or bigger "versions" of myself
  • BalanceSusan: Sometimes blogging makes me feel really narcissistic!! :/
  • EvanFMFF: Or would we think about our old selves, but not celebrate our victories?
  • TinaFFF: That's a really good point. Although I think about how much change has happened for the better and it makes me smile.
  • LowFatKat: I do celebrate more now! RT @EvanFMFF: @LowFatKat Or would we think about our old selves, but not celebrate our victories?
  • inetespionage: I agree - blogging my experience has allowed me to remain humble and never forget where I started.
  • knack4nutrition: I see myself in a different light now compared to be4 my blog. I think I'm more aware of myself & how I affect others
  • KendraForrest: I don't look at those pics because, yeah, she's part of me but she isn't me. I've changed
  • LowFatKat: I was too, but I feel like this time is IT, this is the final attempt. Maybe I should kick her to the curb.
  • halfofjess: It's never IT though. It's a whole lifetime. It finally dawned on me that this will be a war I will wage forever.
  • ZenLizzie: Well, I don't know. I've decided to try to love all of "them" and let it go that way. Easier said than done.

So what do you guys think? 

Does blogging help keep you humble and grounded, never letting you forget all the hard work you’ve accomplished to get where you are today?  Or does blogging keep you dwelling on the past?  Is constantly staring at your “before” picture helping or hurting you?  A lot of us realize that our weight loss efforts will never be over, that we’ll always have to work at it.  Does blogging create more of an obsession with weight and fitness or is it a good tool to keep your efforts in check?

I see both sides to this issue, so I’m wondering what y’all think!