Salad Slump

Lately I’ve been craving salads all the time.  I blame the South Carolina heat – a billion degrees with a trillion percent humidity makes you want to hoard cold wet stuff, food included. 

I just had my ol’ standby for lunch, a buffalo BBQ chicken salad

buffalo BBQ chicken salad

…but it just didn’t have that same panache it used to.  I suspect the bell pepper was underripe, but I let it go without a formal investigation; I did yardwork this morning and needed nutrients fast.  My other go-to lately has included blueberries, chicken, low-fat feta cheese, and a raspberry cabernet vinaigrette dressing.

feta, berry, chicken salad

Other than those two, I got no game lately.  I need some salad inspirations!!  When you make a salad, do you go for a theme or particular cuisine or flavor?  Do you just dump everything but the kitchen sink in a bowl?  What’s your favorite leafy concoction?