I’ve been takin’ care of business this week.  Social stuff, employment stuff – I’m putting myself out there more and getting more back in return.  Yay! 

A few meals this week have looked like this:

pulled pork and coleslaw

I’m used to cooking Boston butts for big crowds…that hunk of pork will feed a family of 3 for at least a week.  And on top? My “famous” lightened-up coleslaw!  I like that I can have a large quantity of something at the beginning of the week and just grab little bits at a time – it’s easier than trying to plan a meal from the ground up.  Although this isn’t exactly the leanest cut of meat…

Last night, Mom and I had a lady-date at Miyo’s in Irmo where we went all out.  I started with a Lychee-tini, made with Absolut, Horin Sake, and Asian lychee juice.


…and we shared a Vietnamese summer roll.  It was served in a semi-spicy, peanutty sauce.  Super-good!

summer roll

Instead of having a ginormous entree each (since we knew we wanted dessert), we shared two sushi rolls: the Nagasaki (“spicy scallop & crunch inside with sweet shrimp & crunch on top”) and one of our favorites, the Godzilla (“shrimp and crab/tempura fried”).  Tempura-fried?  Not so healthy, but I get weirded out by raw fish, so I try to avoid or at least numb it with ingredients that mask it.


Amazing.  Speaking of amazing – the aforementioned dessert was out of this world.  Or should I say, “desserts?”

Fried ice cream – a scoop of ice cream dipped in tempura batter and fried.

fried ice cream

And cashew caramel cheesecake.  This one bested us – we had to take it home.cashew caramel cheesecake

I hadn’t been that stuffed in a looooong time.  I didn’t miss that feeling.

My exercise lately has been pretty non-existent; I’ve been really busy this week, but it’s lame to make excuses.  I need to make time for exercise no matter what’s going on.  I brought my running clothes today when I was out and about, but my meeting this morning took way longer than I anticipated, so I talked myself out of going to the gym.  Boooo, Kat.

I’ll take them again tomorrow and hope I feel like running off some steam when I get done with my obligations in the morning.

Do you like sushi?  What’s the best sushi roll you’ve ever had?  Miyo’s has one called the Hawaiian roll (sushi purists, look away).  It’s tempura shrimp, coconut, mango, avocado, and white coconut cream sauce.  It’s so good, you’ll want to slap your mama.