Apple and onion pork chops

I made a recipe several years ago that I can’t find now, and I tried to duplicate it the other night with “meh” results. 

I cut up one ginormous (seriously, bigger than a softball) onion and 4-5 smallish golden delicious apples and threw them in a crockpot on high for a couple of hours with sage, thyme, garlic, and some beer.

Sidenote: I love Magic Hat beer for flavor reasons, but the company is so playful, too.  They’ve got little messages under each cap, and I really liked the one on the bottle I used with dinner!  (Balanced it on my knee…this looks a bit weird.)

Make love, not processed food 

So after the onions and apples had gotten soft, I laid 4 pork chops in a dish and covered them with the apples and onions, then I popped it in a 350° oven for 30-40 minutes.

pork chops with apple and onion

Pork chops with apple and onion

In the original recipe, the apples and onions were sautéed in a skillet, and I might try that next time instead to caramelize them and concentrate the flavors.  This was good, but I tasted the spices predominantly and not as much of the apples and onions as I remember.  Also in the original recipe, it was all served over a bed of egg noodles which made for a tasty combination!