Bachelorette Debauchery

Friday night was Catherine’s bachelorette party, and I think overall it was pretty successful!  *Warning: extremely immature, anatomically incorrect pictures ahead*

We went to Miyabi, a hibachi place, where I had my only alcohol of the evening – sake and wine – which is probably why I didn’t take quality “here’s the food” pictures.

Hibachi grill

Hibachi grill

Our chef made our giant slab of rice into a heart…

Rice heart 

…and then crudely tweaked it into a slightly different but wholly similar shape.

Rice phallus

For dessert, we had cake

Phallic cake

…and debauchery.

Chocolate phallus

Isn’t she purty, y’all?


The rest of the night was spent bar-hopping…


…where lots of people wrote lewd things marital advice on her “Willie.”

Marital advice

(Staci, thanks for the idea!)

The gals 

The night lasted well into the morning (seriously, some of the gals stayed up for breakfast at the hotel before crashing for a few short hours), but I’m an old lady and bowed out early. I need my beauty sleep.

On Saturday, Lofton and I went to Columbia’s Greek Festival, an event I’ve always wanted to check out but have never made it to before. 

Lofton and Kat
(Photo from

I wanted only three things on Saturday: a beer, a gyro, and baklava, and I was very happy to get all three.



Saturday night, I was able to make the goat cheese, fig, prosciutto, honey, and arugula pizza I wanted to make last week.

goat cheese, fig, prosciutto, honey, and arugula pizza

goat cheese, fig, prosciutto, honey, and arugula pizza

I made the changes I proposed last week (baking the crust a little first and adding more honey).  It was all I had hoped for and more.

I’ve had wicked bad allergies lately, and after a whole lot of anxiety last week, I think everything has finally snowballed into full-blown sickness.  I was out of commission Sunday and today, so it’s my goal this week to get back on track with blogging AND EATING VEGETABLES.  I’ve felt so out of touch lately, with the blogging world and with my body!

Does your city have any international festivals you like to go to?  What are some of your favorite foods you MUST have when you go?