Found figs!

*singsongy*  Guess what Iiiiiiii fooooooound?


I found them at Fresh Market across town, but then had to stop at Publix on the way home, and lo and behold, they had also gotten some in.  It figures.

 Brown turkey fig Black mission fig

I channeled the original concept of my pizza into a snack – I cut the figs in half, popped a chunk of goat cheese into each, draped some prosciutto on top, then drizzled honey over it

fig snack 

I can’t even describe the combination of flavors…it was amazing!

I’ve been having a pretty crappy week, haven’t been to the gym, haven’t run or biked, but I’ve been focusing on meals that look like this:

chicken and zucchini

Protein + veggies.  I’m pretty proud of myself for making good eating decisions even while going through a stressful situation.

Oh, and at my weigh-in on Wednesday, I was down 6.5lbs from the previous appointment!  I lost the weight I gained last month and then some!

Tonight, I’m throwing my BFF Catherine’s bachelorette party which I’m totally nervous about.  I’m not a huge “go out to bars” person and have never been to a traditional bachelorette party, so I hope it all goes off without a hitch, an injury, or an arrest.  Tomorrow I’m meeting up with some friends at Columbia’s Greek festival which I’ve never been to – I’m really excited about it and hopefully will at least eat some awesome food and get some good pictures!

Got any good bachelorette party ideas or tips?  I’m scared, y’all.