Trying to let excitement win

The results are in, and the damage is done…

At my weigh-in yesterday, I was up 3 pounds from my last checkup a month ago. 

I’m happy to report that yesterday and today I’ve been (mostly) back on track.  However, I want this out of my house:

Publix Breakfast Bread

This Publix Breakfast Bread is so good…chock full of fruit and nuts (I think?) and happiness.  Before I mowed the lawn this morning, I toasted a piece and slathered some chunky peanut butter on it before scarfing it down.  I don’t even want to think about how many calories that is. 

After yardwork, I made my usual morning coffee/chocolate diet shake combo, but with this extra special stuff from Amanda:

Tiramisu and Peanut Butter Cup Coffees

Peanut butter cup and tiramisu coffees!  I’ve had the peanut butter for the past two mornings, but today I tried the tiramisu…mighty tasty!  Amanda recently blogged about the peanut butter cup coffee, so check it out!

For lunch, I had a flippin’ sweet Greek salad

Greek Salad

…and for dinner I had tilapia with some apple/pepper jelly and leftover grilled squash.

Tilapia and squash

Coming completely clean, I had some Ghirardelli chocolate and half a beer today, too.  Unnecessary, but not a binge!

Tomorrow’s my first 5K, and I think I’m more excited than nervous.  I have no expectations, and I’ve got a cute new tanktop to wear!  I’ve picked out my outfit for the CLEMSON GAME on Saturday, and I’m really looking forward to a weekend in the Upstate with some good friends.  If I let excitement win and focus on the positive, the nervousness will go away (right?  right?!?!)!  “Fake it ‘til you make it…”

Are you guys excited for college football season?  What’s your alma mater/who do you pull for?