Zero fig

I’ve never had a fig.  I’ve had Fig Newtons, but they totally don’t count.  I always get starstruck when I see photos of figs, because they look so gourmet and exotic.  I’ve seen them in stores pretty often over the past month but hadn’t broken down and bought any yet.  Last night, however, I was determined to buy and eat my first fig.

Wouldn’t you know it - I couldn’t find any.

We went to several grocery stores, but they were all out!  And the funniest part of this is, I came home and turned on Words with Friends on my iPod, and – HAND TO HEART – this was my word bank:


No shuffling, no rearranging – that’s how the letters were on their own.  Insane, right?  So back to dinner – I had to substitute pears in my awesomely amazing plans.  The end result turned out ok, but I definitely would’ve preferred to try figs.  smile_sad

I spread some whole wheat pizza dough from Publix out on a pizza stone and dumped a container of goat cheese on top.  I sliced up two pears and threw them on top, then added some prosciutto.  I drizzled some honey on top and then baked it in a 400° oven for 20 minutes.  When it was done, I threw some baby arugula on top to wilt before slicing it.

goat cheese, pear, prosciutto, honey, arugula pizza

goat cheese, pear, prosciutto, honey, arugula pizza

goat cheese, pear, prosciutto, honey, arugula pizza

When I make this the next time (WITH FIGS, BY GOD!!), I think I’ll bake the pizza for 10 minutes first and THEN add the toppings before cooking the last 10 minutes.  The crust in the middle was a little soggy, and the overripe pears didn’t help.  Also, the prosciutto was a bit too crispy, so I think creating a solid crust base and only cooking the toppings for a short while will help. 

What’s your favorite way to eat figs?