A Fall AfFair

Yesterday was spent doing all things fall-y.  Making a whole messload of caramel apples was first on the agenda:

caramel + sticks + apples


caramel apples

And I’m doing more today, all for a super not-so-secret project.  I’ll show them off in their entirety in a few days!

When I left Caramel Apple Land, I went over to Lizzie’s apartment where I met up with her, Lily, and Carla for the SC STATE FAIR!  I brought a snack of vegan cupcakes from Earth Fare:


Chocolate raspberry and chocolate mint.  They were AMAZING!  It took me 45 minutes to get to her place when it should’ve taken 10 thanks to all the fair traffic, so we decided to walk from her place to get there, and I’m so glad we did.  It was about a mile, and it made me feel a little less like a slug to walk.  I was so hungry and wanted something like a gyro or polish sausage or philly cheesesteak (all terrible choices, justified because – c’mon – it’s the FAIR!), but I had a sensory overload and couldn’t choose, so I didn’t get any.  smile_sad

corndogs candy apples

(I have an old picture of that candy apple sign that I took and developed and hand-colored in high school photography class!)


I definitely wanted a giant fresh-squeezed lemonade, so we stood in line a stupidly long amount of time for that (sorry, ladies!)

lemonade lemonade

The first eats we partook in were ribbon fries/chips – thinly sliced potato chips, courtesy of Carla (can you spot the stand’s proprietor?).

Carla, Lizzie, Lily and potato chips

These chips needed lots of malt vinegar and salt.


Next, we stumbled upon this little gem where Lizzie bought a snack to share:

fried veggies

“Fresh fried veggies.”  Now I can say I’ve had fried cauliflower.

sampler basket

Carla and Lily were the adventurous ones, riding rides and screaming their faces off…

Lily and Carla

Lily and Carla

Fireball  Lily and Carla Fireball in action

…while Lizzie and I stayed on the ground and practiced our photography skillz.

super slide

line for Fireball

fair rides

ferris wheel

giant swings

I had such a great time hanging out with these girls and being silly and hate that the fun couldn’t continue!  However, we had to call it quits at 11pm because today was a work/school day.  Bummer, man.

What’s your favorite fair food?