Hard Truths to Accept

  • If it says “green bean casserole” on the heat-and-eat container, it won’t necessarily taste like your grandmother’s version.  Publix, thou hast forsaken me.  My craving was not satiated.

green bean casserole

  • Baby raccoons, though small and cute, will still try to rip your face off and infect you with evil if given the chance.  I’ve never heard a growl/snarl/bark like the one which emanated from this sweet little face.

baby raccoon

  • It happened.  I’m in love.

greek yogurt dip with cucumber and dill

40 calories for 1oz.  Dilly enough to ensure nobody will kiss you for a few days.  Best dollopped on Greek Salad and finished with a squirt of Zoe’s Kitchen Greek dressing.

Greek salad

Of course, you can also top a Nut Thin cracker with a smidge and finish it off with a slice of cucumber.

Nut Thin plus Greek dip plus cucumber

  • Being in enemy territory isn’t that bad.

I attended a couple of seminars yesterday at USC (Clemson’s bitter rival) as part of the University’s I-COMM week, put on by their College of Mass Communications and Information Studies.  Dr. Glen Nowak of the CDC spoke about how to communicate health/medical/science messages (morning session) and how the CDC uses social media to reach various audiences (afternoon session).  While I didn’t learn too much more than I already knew, it was interesting to hear how all the stuff I know how to do gets put into practice by the bigwhigs in Atlanta and Washington.  Now, if only someone believed me well enough to hire me.

Have you accepted any hard-to-accept truths lately?