My Best Friend’s Wedding

Well, Catherine done went and got herself hitched.

Catherine and Scotty

It was a long few days of apple-dipping…

Catherine and apples

…doing girly things…

bridal luncheon

my hair

…eating and drinking…

bridal luncheon - chicken salad, shrimp salad, fruit, mimosas, tea bridal luncheon - cannoli, brownie

rehearsal dinner - wine, spinach dip rehearsal dinner - salad, paella

rehearsal dinner - key lime pie wedding day lunch - hawaiian turkey wrap

…shaking and crying and speech-ing…

MOH speech

…smiling and laughing and hugging…

Mom and Catherine hugging

Lofton, Catherine, Me, Rachel

Jamie, Lofton, Ben

…keeping up traditions…

first dance cutting the cake

champagne retrieving the garter

decorating the car

…and being silly…

Lofton and Me

group jump

I can’t believe these two crazy kids are married.

Catherine and Scotty

My best friend is a wife!