Of Leftovers and Setbacks

It’s no surprise to me (or any of you, probably) that I’ve slipped over Thanksgiving.  I gave myself permission to, but in true Kat fashion, I gave an inch and took a mile.  We had amazing food for Thanksgiving, and have made amazing leftovers from it since.

Turketti (with cream-of-something soup and cheese, like every good Southern dish should have):


Thanksgiving Heart Attack Explosion Panini (with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and brie):

Thanksgiving panini

(pre-pressed, of course)

Not very low-fat, right?  So today I wanted to go running for the first time since Thanksgiving, and wouldn’t you know it, 1) it’s raining, and 2) I’m sick with something ungodly

Of course.

I’m convinced my feeling-bad-ness is thanks in part to poor diet (including sugar and gluten, which I hadn’t been eating much of at all), but leftovers are GONE.  Bring back the sensible eating!

Oh wait, before I get all sensible again, I wanted to show off my contribution to a Clemson vs. USC viewing party (we lost…boo):

baked brie

Baked brie in puff pastry with fun appley stuff inside and team-specific decor on top – a special request I was happy to fulfill.

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday…

Christmas tree

…but it’s still sitting outside until we have time to put it up.  smile_sad

These guys are keeping my spirits warm and bright since they definitely need some lifting.

sleepy kitten

sleepy kitten

I’m not used to having leftovers since we usually go to someone else’s for Thanksgiving.  Do you dig leftovers?  Do you repurpose them?  Do you find it easy to switch gears over a holiday and return to healthy eating?