Oyster Festival

I’m not a fan of oysters, so when my friend Kaycee invited me to the SC Oyster Festival, I was skeptical, but went for the camaraderie.


And the beer.  We stayed a lot longer than I thought we would, and I didn’t adequately pace myself.  Hoo boy.

I DID have one bite of a fried oyster just to say I did:

fried oyster

…but my dinner was seafood gumbo, complete with crab claws that I pawned off on someone else.

seafood gumbo with crab claw

There…that’s better!

seafood gumbo without crab claw

The festival benefitted the Historic Columbia Foundation and was located on some historic properties…I wish I had gone inside to take a look!

historic Columbia Oyster Festival

Later in the evening while we were listening to some of the bands, I shared a funnel cake with everyone…oh man.

Funnel cake

A good time was definitely had by all!

friends friends



Do you like oysters?  How do you eat them?  Do you have any fun food festivals in your hometown?  I was sad I had to miss the local Okra Strut this year!