Cold weather running

I went running on Wednesday (and am going again today!) for the first time since the weather warranted bundling up.  I prepared by wearing:

  • my fleece jacket with zip-up pockets so my iPod wouldn’t bounce out like my phone did that one time
  • long pants
  • a fleece headband with little ear flaps

I, however, forgot:

  • gloves

My fingers got all cold and Crypt-Keeper-esque to the point that even brushing them up against something hurt.  Duly noted.  Shall’nt forget thine gloves again.

Since I was sidelined by shin splints during the winter last year, I’m ignorant about how to prepare for cold-weather running.  What wardrobe allowances do you have to make for running in cold weather (tights? some super-special fleece?)?  What other running gadgets (Spi Belt? water bottle with handle?) have made your runs easier? (Furthermore, can you write/read “runs” without thinking of poop?  Because I can’t.)