Getting ready for Christmas #1

We’re hosting our BIG family Christmas this weekend, and the past week has been filled with preparations for that, hence my MIA-ness.  I’ve been making cute time-consuming stuff like this:

pretzel rods

(icky cell phone flash)

 Christmas tree cake truffles

I did take a break on Monday to go to Riverbanks Zoo’s Lights Before Christmas with Mom.

Lights Before Christmas 2010

Here’s what I looked like last year at the same event:

Lights Before Christmas 2009

I was wearing my function-over-fashion coat this year, but I can tell a difference!

Zoo Lights Zoo Lights

Zoo Lights Zoo Lights

After freezing our tuchuses off at the zoo, we headed over to Gervais & Vine to take advantage of a recent Groupon deal.  I didn’t take in my camera, but after a couple of tapas plates we got dessert (I know, I know) and I had to take a picture with my phone.Peppermint cheesecake and sweet potato cheesecake 

Peppermint cheesecake and sweet potato cheesecake.  Whaaaaat?  The peppermint was surprisingly light and almost mousse-like, and the sweet potato was sweet and spicy, but not as much as a pumpkin cheesecake might be. 

And because I know a few of you are only checking back for kitten pictures, here they are.

the babies

They had their first round of shots yesterday and spent the rest of the day napping with my teddy bear.  Poor babies.

To those who celebrate it, have you had any Christmas parties yet?  What kinds of things are you taking to holiday get-togethers?  I can’t wait to do a recap of this weekend on Sunday!