Not Talking the Talk

Just like taking time off from exercising and eating well, I took some time off of blogging.  Neither hiatus was really intentional, but more of a “oh I didn’t blog today, I’ll do it tomorrow” or “oh just one more cookie won’t hurt anything.”  Before you know it, you’ve been silent in the blog world for 2 weeks and you’ve gained 5 pounds.  Not cool.

My favorite professor in undergrad used to say to us public health students all the time, “if you can’t walk the walk, you shouldn’t talk the talk,” pushing us to lead healthy lives in order to set good examples for other students, clients, and patients.  I sure haven’t been a great example lately, hence me not even ATTEMPTING to “talk the talk.”  Heck, I haven’t even caught up on blog-reading since Thanksgiving, and I’m too chicken to hit the “mark all as read” button!

I’m super-excited about the new lens I got for Christmas, and I’m feeling the need to write more about health than I have my life over the past couple of months, so with the combination of both, hopefully I’ll be back to my old blogging self in no time!

For Christmas, we stayed at home and relaxed.  I did my usual baking for the neighbors, and we enjoyed some snow the day after Christmas (I still have never seen a white Christmas!).  It sure was fun to have the kittens around this year…they were in hog heaven with all the wrapping paper!

cookies for neighbors Christmas tree

Cats in presents Maddy's bone

brand spankin' new lens Leg lamp Maddy's present Murray under the tree  Sullivanmint chocolate martinis gingerbread house  carving the turkey puzzlestea amd gingerbread

Christmas 2010

Do you stay sensible during the holidays, or do you completely disregard healthy eating and exercise plans?  What was your favorite gift that you received or gave this year?  Are you light on blog-writing and –reading this time of year, too?